does anyone know where i can get a good work experience place to do with media? - along the lines of film/tv

Not that kind of Media Forum, sadly. And even if it were, we’d need more info first to know what field you’re trying to get into.

I recommend school, ideally a film major, but probably grade school grammar first.

Oh fuck, here we go. Why should people use proper grammar if they can communicate effectively without it?

I would recommend asking a careers advisor at your educational institution; they could probably give you the most suitable or appropriate ideas and alternatives.

I agree. I dunno about you guys, but he’s communicating pretty effectively that he writes and has reading comprehension at a middle school level, at least.

I’m not picky about grammar, but this doesn’t even make sense. He wonders where to “get a good work experience place to do with media.” If he wants “work experience with media,” why are the words “a” and “place to do” even there? It’s like he smashed two different sentences into one question.

Why would a film or TV studio, which revolves around clear communication, hire him? Slang and unusual dialects have their place in the media, sure, but this pointlessly mangled syntax just sounds ridiculous. Imagine being a news anchor, reading from your teleprompter, “20% of teenagers unemployed and seeking good work experience place to do with business.” You’d sound like a fucking idiot, and you’d fire the backroom guy responsible.

Grammar is about being clear and compelling, not following nitpicky rules, but that’s no excuse to sound like a moron.

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