Media vs. Bush-Kerry debate agreement!

Lllllllet’s get ready to rumbllllllllllle!

This election’s debates are certainly going to be interesting this year. First I hear about an argument over the temperature in the debate room (Kerry is a sweater, so he wanted the temperature at 68 degrees F) and now when they’ve finally agreed to a debate setting the MEDIA objects. 8P

…let the hilarious speech slip-ups and zingers begin! grabs popcorn

Because of journalistic standards…


Maybe Florida voters should be using this points to sig after the 2k debacle.

Florida wasnt the fault of the voters.

True, it wasn’t. It was actually a setup by the Bush Brothers(that’s just my opinion). But the Fisher Price Voting Device is still funny. And as for Election 2004, I’m already decided. I don’t need to watch the stinking debate to know that Bush doesn’t deserve 4 more years.

Right you are! :hahaha;

hey now, lets leave the florida voters alone, maybe they really liked Pat Buchanan’s “kick the mexicans out of the US” platform

I’m a Florida voter, so I have the right. :hahaha;

Edit: Yes Florida has messed up alot in the past but maybe this time we will get lucky.

i hate america

more hurricanes? :wink:

As for “debate”, the questions are known in advance and were agreed upon by both camps and replys were scripted by speechwriters.

I dont know if its just me but I think both kerry/Bush are retards :thinking: and if I could vote …I still wouldn’t vote! :thud:

People would take you seriously, Mistuko, if you actually voiced why you think they’re both “retards”. Just saying they suck is degrading to BushWins2004’s level.

you sound like my father, well any ways im too dam lazy to start a political high class argument as to why they are retarded, so there

Wow, someone considers us high class. 8P

I second that statment and add that I think we should be able to see there reactions to the argument at hand. Due to the fact that It might be funny to see there reactions being made fun of by Talk show hosts, and the Daily Show.

I don’t know why, but I always really love watching the presidential debates. I’m for Bush, I just hope he doesn’t slip and make an even gianter ass out of himself.

Hey, at least Pat Buchanan opposed the war in Iraq.

Pat Buchanan also took and cashed checks from fake ‘organisations’ called ‘The John Wayne Gacy Fan Club’ and ‘Abortionists for Buchanan’ though.