Mechs and Mystics underused in SaGa Frontier

I think so. Most of the time you can’t make a full party out of either one. Sometimes you can’t even get a single mech or mystic or maybe only up to. While you can make a full party of monsters and humans in any quest or almost. Ie 4 Monsters/Humans + Riki/T260G as mains.


If there were more Mystics, then I’d be more likely to use them. My favorite was Dr. Nusaken, but what? 2 characters get him? Urg, it makes me so angry since he’s the best out of them in my opinion, damn you Square! Most of the characters are really limited in the number of Mystics they use which makes it harder- I generally try to have 1 Mystic in my party though.

Over all I find Mystics to be the most useful race. Especially if you use them as mages or get a good combination of absorb. Like one that includes a way to do a level 5 combo or so.

Mechs are second most useful especially with their equipment rules and skills like Pop Knight and Combat Mastery.

Monsters are partial luck while Humans are time consuming a bit. Wait may be that is why Mechs and Mystics are rarer…


It depends- I find Engineer Car to be the one of the most useful characters around since he’s got his recovering techniques, and I’ve always had great luck getting him Pop Knight and Shock Soldier. Mystics can be excellent if you know exactly what to absorb and what to absorb them in.

I would say if anything, I use monsters the least :stuck_out_tongue: I just don’t like them. Mecs, I don’t really use cos they’re not fun unless you can get a lot (This is why I really like T260’s scenario, I can finish it in about 2-4 hours, lol :P). I use Mystics sometimes, but I use them because generally, they can raise their Intelligence much faster, making them better for magic than humans more often than not.

Half-Mystics are the best race, btw :stuck_out_tongue: Hell, they’ve got the best of both worlds! :stuck_out_tongue: Too bad there’s only one.

Arg, I want a party of Half-Mystics =P. Monsters I’ve come to love since:

  1. Every time you absorb a skill you’ve never had before, their max HP in every monster form increase by 1. Sure it’s not much, but when you keep absorbing stuff, it helps.

  2. The best monster form is the one with all 4 Gazes. It’s something like 77 in all stats and obscene HP, JP, and WP. That raises a question- can you absorb magic from some monsters? I’ve seen people say it’s possible, but I just don’t buy it. Also, the gaze attacks work absurdly well with this form, so yay for working status effects.

  3. Riki’s cool =P. And Kylin. Those two are just fun to have.

Actually, monsters get 4 HP with each monster absorbed, woo hoo :smiley: Even then though, the highest I’ve ever got a monster’s HP to is about 650. I just don’t like em, it FEELS like I spend too much time, and they’re harder to make good in comparison to those of FFL2. At least in FFL2, it never felt like you were wasting time fighting, because you ALWAYS needed raises in stats, and you ALWAYS needed money.

I don’t think they’re harder to make good- you just need to know what to do to make them good really.

Well, I won’t deny that. But I sure as hell don’t have a clue :stuck_out_tongue:

I find the worst race to be Humans over all. They may be best in the long run, but in the short run they are the worst. They require more work to level up and get useful. And they die a lot too easily for me.

Mystics can jump in power rather fast. And they may not gain as many skills as human, but it is not like you need 11 different sword skills. Plus many things like tiger rampage self combo. And a 20+ boost in several stats just for one battle absorbing a Suzaku is good.

Mechs are expensive to maintain especially if you are against so called bugs. But they can be deadly machines. Engineer Car to me is probably the best over all character.

Monsters can be a pain if you do not know how to use them. Even more of a pain if you try to go for too specific a monster. If you just go with the flow instead , you can maintain a powerful form that may help you win long before you get a stronger form.

Plus Monsters are like my body guards. Jumping in power to crush enemies to protect my puny humans. Being able to go all out. It’s even possible to change from one good form to another.

Although as time passes monsters become less useful in some ways. Although their magic heal and higher WP to keep them in the running for me.


Humans may die a lot early on, but after about halfway through a quest, I found that they were outlasting everyone generally.

Eh, it all depends- though a Suzaku might be nice statwise in every slot, you might want different skills instead which actually become more useful.

Yes, Engineer Car is the greatest. What bugs are you talking about? =O

Eh, monsters actually aren’t that hard to get to certain forms- their forms are determined by the skills that they have. If you know what skills you need, you can get a form that way.

Well I don’t go for Suzakus in every slot unless I plan to say use magic only. And even then I may be better of with a Snowfolk in one slot.

My preferred ideal is this Unicorn in Sword for Magic Heal, a dullahan/crystal tree in the gloves for crystalizer and a suzaku in the boots for stats.

The possible bugs I refer to are the money trick and the junkshop trick which some may consider bugs if anything.


Ahh, yeah, those bugs.

I’ve never really used Crystalizer nor had it used on me- what exactly does it do?

An area attack that does damage. And it may sometimes stone enemies. It also combos with itself.


Er… woah, ok, I’m definitely getting that next time. I was always partial to Griffith Scratch myself since it tended to do a nice chunk of damage.

Humans might be bad in the short run, that’s true…but seriously, the only scenarios where that even affects your party are Asellus’s Blue’s. But, then again, I had a mostly Mystic party the only times I played through Asellus’s :stuck_out_tongue: Until I go back to Facinaturu, my group is Asellus/Lute/White Rose/Rouge/Silence. I find that since Mystics gain spells slower than humans, and are dependant on good monsters for stats and abilities, they also suffer from the same defect as humans do. My favorite Mystic Equip Stupid is Sword/Griffith Scratch, Gloves/Tiger Rampage, Boots/Titas Wave, and when I can, I get a Sea Stone on them (Mystics can use Maelstrom when they have a Sea Stone :open_mouth: I think you have to fight an enemy that does it to learn it though).

In any case, seeing as “the long run” is what matters most, I go for people that will be better in the long run. Humans are just the most diverse race with the least amount of work.

Also, Mecs are great - probly overall the best and safest characters…I just think they’re boring. It’s so easy to make a good Mec that it’s just not much fun to use the, I think. I personally don’t think that the Gold Trick is a bug, I think it was made to be discovered. The Junk Shop trick is definitely a bug, no doubt. I use it anyways though :stuck_out_tongue:

Monsters aren’t bad, no doubt. I just don’t know much about them. I constantly just hope I get skills I like. They’re very nice in the beginning, because they can just suddenly get stronger than your party. But, in the end of the game, if you absorb stuff, you’ll find them just getting suddenly weaker :stuck_out_tongue: They’re not bad, it’s true. Just too much hassle for me.

I’ve had cases where both races have out raced each other in spell learning. But one factor is stats. While humans are raising the stats that help learning. Mystics have the stat raised to help learning…

Rarely if ever does my monster go to a weaker form. It’s mainly due to things like fang and thrust if anything. I absorb often as to be able to keep going all out with JP and WP. Then again they often have a lot anyway.

I even use a monster to level up humans. After all with a monster killing Krakens with Sphinx Riddle and the fact that I’m often lucky enough to absorb something besides Ink to get my WP and JP restored then ink again of course.

My humans can punch, stab, shoot, cast free spell thanks to crown and virtually last the whole way through. And shortly the Humans become superior. Especially with the dreaded gun combos.

Over all I like using all races as it makes things more exciting. And I use the races to help each other.


True, the game is indeed made to have all races compliment each other, just as in FFL2. I just believe, personally, that some races aren’t so fun to use in the game. I like to explore games I really like fully the FIRST time I play, so, after a while, I just get to the point where I’m like “I know what works, I know what hinders my strategies personally, I know what I dislike” And what it comes down to is most of my groups consist of Sword Users, one Fist Fighter and a Mage. I do it in Emilia’s, Riki’s (Close as I can get :P), Blue’s, Asellus’s, Red’s, and Lute’s. It’s just my personal preference.

I tend to have 3 parties in each game, usually with an even mix of types of characters among them, depending on the quest and what characters are available. When it’s possible, I’ll try my hand at strange combos (in Emilia’s game, I had a party of 5 mystics, a party of 5 humans and a party of 5 monsters, with a good bit of mixing amongst them when needed. Overall, I am annoyed that neither female main can get any mechs at all, and I do wish there were more mechs and mystics overall… but if anything, the variety of types of parties than can be created adds to the incentive to play each quest.

I like mystics the best out of all the available races. My favorite strategy for fighting bosses is to boost a mystic’s speed and give them Time Leap. You could do the same with a human, but it would take significantly longer to boost their speed than it would with a mystic (which can potentially be done by simply absorbing three enemies).