McDonald's Iced Coffee

I don’t like McDonald’s, but I like their caramel iced coffee.

Does anyone know what the name of the caramel syrup is that they use? I squinted out what appeared to be a name on the bottle (Knowing my luck, it probably just said, “Caramel Syrup”).

Anyone know?

And on a related matter, anyone know of other places that have good iced coffee? I’ve tried IHOP and Starbucks, too.

Mudhouse, local coffee shop. They have a drink called Mudturtle that is actually better than Starbuck’s stuff.

The stuff in Borders and Barnes and Noble is better. McDonald’s must be the first and only time you’ve had a coolatta/frappe/whatever you want to call it.

I like it, but I try to stay away from caffeine, since it makes me so angry.

I had the coffee milkshake thing at Borders; the best “specialty” coffee I ever had, now that you reminded me, Curtis.

The first “specialty” coffee I had was at Starbucks and really didn’t like it, and still don’t. Then I had the coffee at IHOP and it’s very similar to McDonald’s which I had just a few weeks ago, with the exception of unlimited refills.

Local shops are usually always the best to me, so I can see why Trillian. Don’t have one around here for coffee, though.

My fiancee said that he thinks it might be affiliated with Newmans Own, but he’ll check tomorrow.(He works at McDonalds)

Sweet. Thanks, Kasey.

Iced Caps have >9000 calories but they’re good

I haven’t found any sizable chain of coffee place with really good coffee (Daz Bog, I believe, still only has one actual coffee shop, but sell their coffee to other establishments, so if they count, they are good), iced or otherwise. Starbucks is burnt, undrinkable trash or sugary milk with some inauthentic coffee flavouring tossed in as an afterthought. Dunkin’ Donuts is passable. Most of the breakfast-type restaurants are okay, too. Iggy Pop says IHOP has a classy brew.

In Denver, I’d reccomend Gypsy House or Daz Bog.

In Providence, Cable Car.

In San Francisco, the original Caffe Trieste is the way to go.

In Paris, you’re pretty much set.

As a caveat, I can say nothing about flavoured coffees; I drink mine black.

@Arac: I live about an hour from Denver. Thanks for the suggestions. I will get to them when I go to the aquarium again this summer.

There’s actually a ton of good coffee houses all over Colorado, if you look. Especially in the hippier parts of the mountains and the artsy areas of Denver.

idk about mcdonalds but you can buy starbucks syrup (any flavor) for 4.95/1L :>

and their iced coffee blend is Terrazzo…which they dont sell so that they can make more money on drinks. but its released in the summer (sometimes) as ‘gazebo blend’

i like frappuccino better anyways :]

Terrazo and Gazebo are different coffees.

I work at Starbucks, but I haven’t had any of this McDonalds stuff. My girlfriend said the iced mocha is shitty.