McDonald disturbs me

But then, the lateness makes it that my mind sees this as incitation for young people to perform oral sex.

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And then, just have some hot hot beef sex, or something.

…whubba whuuuh? ::dekar!::

I could name a thousand brands off the top of my head that try to “be cool” and end up being mocked by their targets.

Whoever is in charge of publicity on McDonalds either needs to see a psychologist to treat his obsession with fucking sandwiches or needs to do actual fucking research.

Mm, can’t get enough of those hot McDonald’s sandwiches. No place else can give it to me quite like McD’s.

I think McDonald’s knew exactly what that phrase meant, and that was part of the marketing strategy.

Worked to, were talking about it arn’t we? Its in our mind allready

Like Wal-Mart. In one commercial they had one of their employees in front of the Entertainment section trying to capture all the action in a physical motion. So, what does he do? He crosses his forearms in front of him and exhales air.

If I was in a McDonalds and read that I’d laugh my ass off in front of everyone. Nothing like hot suggestive meat to really attract the customers. ::dekar!::

Ugh, you’re right.

<a href=“”>STOP</a>
<a href=“”>THE</a>
<a href=“”>MADNESS!</a>

What else is new?


So have you people really never seen advertising that involves sex or trying to pander to minorities before?

Hehehe. Remember the Coca-Cola blowjob-posters? ^^

Gee. McDonalds is one of those things that disturb EVERYONE. :stuck_out_tongue:

“I think McDonald’s knew exactly what that phrase meant, and that was part of the marketing strategy.”

Yeah. the guy in the article was talking about ‘Isn’t McDonalds aware of what this means???’, so I said that. but youre right everyone else in the thread already knew.

They sell it on ebay still.

McD’s wants to sell “hot beef injections” to its customer base in an effort to inflate its conglomerate $-penis.

Wouldn’t man on dblchzbrgr action be considered both necrophiliacy and bestiality?


Yet another reason why McDonalds should be shut down for eternity.

I’ve banned McDonald from my diet after an embarrassing event that happened after I ate some McNuggets. This makes me hate the place even more.

I like Wendy’s chicken much better anyway. That and they have baked potatoes.