Mccain ad on RPGC ad banner

I could have sworn I saw an ad for John Mccain in the forum ad banner. It showed him as a young man, dressed in military garb, standing next to some general or something. Has anyone seen this? And if so, what are the implications???

EDIT: and as I typed this, the ad showed up again!!! “One man has the courage, one man has the experience, etc.” McCain is young and and walking towards the camera, saluting.

Why in the hell is McCain advertising on a videogame website?

John McCain is a secret unlockable general in the next Command and Conquer :secret:

Hey Cless, did you know that whenever you post, we get Japanese ads up on the top? :sunglasses:

Google chooses the ads based on the text (“keywords”) that appears on the page. Perhaps if Setz were still here, we would see more KFC ads.

I guess because theres been this ongoing political thread.

Anyone want to talk about porno?

Wow, that actually works! :smiley: But, uh, do we get paid for coverage, or clicks?

Clicks, I believe.

You’re right Cid. I’m looking at one now.

Btw, does anyone know why most of the ads that appear are either for free MMO games or free Ring Tones?

Fuck! My post resulted in a free dietary analysts banner ad. :frowning:

Take a hint, fatty.

Just because according to his sig he is a head with arms, legs, a bandana and facial hair doesn’t make him fat =p

We should make a list of the weirdest ads from Google and try to post the correct triggers to see them. It’ll be like Pokemon.


This post I find hilarious.
Now I’m curious about this phenomenon…

When I posted “much power” I got an ad about Tesla coils so I’m wondering if it’s based on last post too.

I’ve noticed that banner. Quite an honor, eh?


I still got a McCain message.

I see what you did there. has AdBlock on and thus doesn’t actually see the ads

Well, it’s a good thing the meta keywords don’t count for much (if at all) in Google ads, or otherwise we’d be seeing ads for giant monkey balls.

checks meta keywords

WHAT?! Who the hell got rid of the old Jim reference? This is an outrage!

Search engines don’t even check meta keywords anymore.