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So I kinda got bored at work and did a little scribble. Yes, I have heard of and adore the work of Michael McGinnis and yes, that 19 in the url does indicate that there are 18 others. Most of them are slightly more orthogonal than that one.

10 better things to do with your time at work:

read the bible

jack off to gay incest porn

pee in your coworkers’ coffees when they are away from the desk

give your thanks to god with a 1 minute prayer

make a death list of coworkers and bosses you’d like to violently rape and murder if they even hint at downsizing you

record the sounds of your coworkers shitpooping and play them over the intercom

stick random things in your poo butt

post more worthless threads on

turn on radical right wing radio in your cubicle really loud and scream “YES!” to all the things the guy says

add more girls to your okcupid hot list that you will never actually msg

read the NAMBLA membership rule book

eat more candy you fat fuck

i think that’s more than 10 oh well hope this helps guys i’ll be back later for more useful tips around the office!!! :moogle::moogle::moogle:

Wow that’s certainly impressive! How long did it take you to do it? By the looks of it, it sure did take a long time… you must have had a lot of free time, that’s for sure! xD Good stuff!

Give your thanks to God with a one minute prayer.

So did anyone actually bother to complete it?