Maybe I'll watch Pani Poni Dash...

… now that ADV has licensed it. My computer is just too lazy to download.


I watched one episode of it on youtube. It was like a giant sugar rush.

Even YouTube is kinda slow on this thing… :frowning: Everyone talks it up so much in this forum, and it makes me want to jump on the bandwagon!

Eh, i’ve seen almost the whole series, and while it was pretty good, i didn’t get the OMEGA KAWAII OF THE YEAR DOT COM freakout about the series that cless steve and pierson have. It was a very good comedy though, i gotta give it that.

Fuck. I still gotta get eps 20-24, 26 if anyone has the torrents for them hook me up.

How many episodes are there?

Standard 26 episode run.

They talk about how there are only 4 episodes left in episode 22, so I’d guess 26 total, although they may not all have been finished and subbed yet.

I watched the first couple, but was not impressed. If you’ve seen something like Excel Saga already, the gag style might fall a bit flat.

If you do enjoy it, just don’t become one of those people who go around saying (you know what) all the time. God, I hate those people.

I got the exact same impression.

I don’t see how one would rule out the other being good.
I’ve seen Excel Saga more times than any sane person should and I still love PPD.