Doesn’t beat Wind’s Nocturne cat, but still kewl.

Does anybody have any idea what the song is about? It’d be much funnier If I could understand them.

Holy crap, it’s like … if an Animutation was made in Japanese, except … not.


I love that song. XD Someone please send it to me! Or y’know, link me to where I an get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nightblade I love you more and more every day. <3


That makes me wanna s Noferastuew.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard a spanish parody of that song before.

Cool flash, nonetheless.

Found the song, all is well. ^^

if anyone remembers that crazy guy who bashed the 8-track over his head in the flash a while ago, this is the song from it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ofcourse, I am an irresistible man-beast.

You’re right, the melody does ring a bell…

^.~ But dude, I don’t know how open my boyfriend would be to a threesome. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure 984 would be fine with it if you include a woman without a penis.
Some things just get too monotonous.

I could. Contact me on any IM. :stuck_out_tongue: Or get it on kazaa/ soulseek.
There’s two versions of that song though. Do you want this one or the Haiducii version?

And geez people, you’re sooo last summer when this song was actually <i>in</i>.

Well, I am sorry if I can’t keep up with the trend. Damn Teenagers.

lol, my friend listens to this song all the time.

To understand what is says, go here:

Wilfredo Martinez
Research Masta :mwahaha:

God I hate that song. >_< It was played incessantly few months ago.


ummm…the link isn’t working…

edit: never mind , its working now

Cool … so … it is an Animutation in Japanese. :smiley:

But what are the kittys saying?stupid kittys wont speak English.

Edit: tee he…69 =D