Matthew Good Concert

First three albums; “Ten”, “Vs.”, and “Vitalogy.” Those are the ones I’ve bought over the years, and most likely if there’s any Pearl Jam song you’ve heard in passing, its going to be from one of these three. I would probably recommend starting with “Ten” as that’s their first album and they still did videos back then, so the singles from that got the most airplay (I personally have grown to like Vs and Vitalogy a little more as time goes on and listenings go up, but, like, you know, it’s all music and your mileage may vary blah blah blah blah)

Matthew Good is just a name to me, so, no clue on who he sounds like or anything of that sort.

This is a joke, right? Matthew Good is about as close to dance music as I am to being black. The perspective that your musical taste included Dance Hits 2000 implies nothing about him. I have a feeling you’ve never heard him in your life.

Hades are you seriously saying you didn’t know what was going to happen when you started this thread?

This whole topic is pretty Setz-esque. Do you want us to praise you for going to see some assbag that nobody else knows? I go to shows monthly and don’t post about them o_o
Yes, I seriously thought I could have a discussion about a HUGE Canadian Artist that millions of people know about in spite of your personal ignorance. I should’ve known better than to post about him on a forum where if it isn’t obscure 70s punk, depressing classic rock, Metal or VGM, nobody gives a damn -_-; ESPECIALLY since it’s happened before with Lost Prophets, Linkin Park, The Used, MCR, APC, I could go on and on and on. Fuck musical diversity I guess. I should just convert completely to power metal because they talk about cool RPG stuff like swords and dragons and stuff. Then I’ll be plusplusrugged and acceptable to everyone else, right?

This topic is not “Setz-esque” because unlike him, I DON’T want praise. I wanted general Matthew Good discussion because I like him, I don’t know many of his songs, and I wanted to see what other people liked so I could expand on what I know by him.

What did I get? General trolling, zero Matthew Good discussion, and zero song recommendations. I learned that people love bashing music they’ve never heard in their life because they’ve never heard it in their life and it doesn’t immediately fall into their personal genre. I also wasted a LOT of time, and I’ve also posted a word-for-word copy of this thread on a few other forums and got great responses. The nature of the thread isn’t the problem. The community is.

Why do I even bother? More importantly, why did the vast majority of people here even bother? I would’ve been overhwelmingly happy if this thread got two responses: Steve’s and Kaiser’s. I would’ve been happier than I am now even if the thread died in obscurity instead of being ruined like this. Even Epic’s response was retarded. If Sil of all people can make a beast of a thread just to brag about how intelligent and philosophical he is when he’s rock bottom in both categories, I should be able to post about whatever the fuck I want to without getting bullshit for replies.

SG, can you just close this?

If you wish…

In the future, your first response to anything in a thread you make should probably not be so outright belligerant. But, I suppose I’ve talked enough about that.

Man, I really like grilled chicken.

My mum does a great grilled chicken. It has herbs and everything.


Here is my joke about time

Pierson it looks like you have too much thyme on your hands

And by time I meant da herb thyme

Which means that it is a good joke