Matthew Good Concert

Dunno how many people here like him, but I went to a solo acoustic show last night and it was OKAY. I’m not a HUGE fan, so I only recognized three songs: Apparitions, Weapon, and Ex-Pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra, and he didn’t even play all of Weapon. I had to stand up for five hours straight, and that didn’t impress me. And when I just wanted to get out and sit the fuck down at that point, the NINE encores didn’t impress me either. The show did have it’s moments, mainly when he played Apparitions and Ex-Pats, but it was pretty average overall. I realized that most of his songs, when played acoustically, sound exactly the same, so most of the show was fluff.

On top of that, I only got to talk to one cute girl, and she was four years younger than me.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, last night wasn’t a complete waste of my time, but it probaly could’ve been spent on better things, like sitting in front of my TV, watching HNIC and drinking rum.

I DID go to one of the hottest restaurants in the city after the show, though. As sad as it may be, stuffing myself with grilled chicken and baked potatoes was probably the more enjoyable (and expensive) part of my night.

I’d be pretty disapointed if I went to a Matthew Good concert as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re a fucking moron Gila. Fans like you are the reason I consider metal culture complete shit and can’t stand most of it’s music anymore. A whole one post and I’m already telling someone to get the hell out of my thread. Lovely.

Jeez, take a chill pill dude. I wasn’t even being completely serious. I don’t even need to justify my taste in music to you anyways so i’ll just let you continue being whatever the hell you consider yourself to be. If you think I represent metal culture, you need a fucking reality check.

Wait. So you consider it “complete shit” because of its fanbase? Because thats what you’re implying here with “fans like you are the reason.” Thats funny :stuck_out_tongue:

You do need to justify your taste if you can insult a man that has single songs that make Iron Maiden’s entire legacy look like a joke.

Who said this was about being something? I’m not a scenester like you. I like Good’s music, and I’m willing to admit when one of his shows is bad.

I know you represent metal culture because metal is the only genre you will ever listen to by default and you never shut up about mediocre shredding bands long enough to contribute to a discussion on anything different.

Take your trolling somewhere else. This is a Matthew Good thread. If you don’t like him, don’t post here.

Cro: I don’t consider the music shit because of it’s fanbase. The thing is, when it’s fans act so fucking retarded, whenever I hear the music I make that mental association, and it becomes VERY hard to enjoy it.

He actually doesn’t, because the only thing he needs to justify his opinion on music is whether or not he likes it, and appearantly he doesn’t.

I wonder how much evidence you can procure to justify that claim? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, the point is:

Hades, stop freaking the fuck out. For all you know, he was just kidding and teasing with you, and if you can’t handle it, take your ball and go home.

Gila, don’t troll. Or, if you wanna make a comment like that, at least follow it up with something like “Nah, but for serious, I don’t really like em that much” or something.

The moral of the story is, don’t go to concerts for bands unless you really like them, cos there’ll be a lot of standing up, and not necesarily a lot of songs you wanted to hear. That’s just how most concerts go (and trust me, I’ve been to quite a lot in my day).

Now, play nice, all of you.

I wonder how much evidence you can procure to justify that claim? :stuck_out_tongue:
Years of personal experience with him. I’m not trying to convince anyone, I’m pointing it out to him and him alone. I don’t need evidence in this case because no one who doesn’t already know the truth is involved in this discussion, which, by the way, should NOT be happening.

No offense, but your advice is as obvious and useless as ever. You had absolutely no reason to say anything you just did, because it doesn’t mean a thing and it doesn’t change a thing and it only further derails this topic.

Can people PLEASE stop posting unless it’s about Matt Good? All I want is ONE serious topic on the forum that I can post in that isn’t about any of the boring shit that plagues it right now.

You told us a story about a mediocre night and a lackluster concert, what do you want from us? There was no question, no defined thought to start out a topic, it seems to me like your just posting to inform everyone about some concert you went to, even though it wasn’t even all that enjoyable. I’m not seeing the correlation here, do you want us to talk about this band? Similar concert experiences? Delicious grilled chicken?

Eh, after giving him a few listens, I don’t see what’s so good about him.
He sounds like a lighter eddie vedder. Reccomend me a song by him and let me check him out.

I’ve heard “Strange Days,” “Apparations,” and “Indestructible”
Indestructible is about the only one that’s even relatively good sounding, to me.

Grilled chicken, yo.

I wanted you to post about chicken in general, but the band would also be a good idea. I’m looking for more good songs by him/them.

Steve, I honestly don’t think he’s your style, but you might want to give “Weapon” a listen.

  1. If you’re trying to convince him, you should already know it won’t happen, and not spend a post or three talking about it (especially if you want this thread to remain on topic)

  2. I had reasons for everything I said, otherwise I wouldn’t have said it (and, sorry to say, but you wouldn’t know better than I would if I had a reason to say something).

Likewise, you wouldn’t know better than I would if I had a reason to “freak the fuck out,” so don’t comment on it. You don’t need to assert your moderatorness at every opportunity. Let this thread be a thread about what it is and stop perpetuating this nonsense.

The fact that you had a reason or not to freak the fuck out is irrelevant.

  1. I’m a mod, and it’s my job to stop things like this from happening. If you don’t like it, I suggest you go have discussions elsewhere.

  2. If you wanna talk about ‘years of personal experience’ with someone, I know that you tend not to be so ready to lash out at people you respect in regards to certain subjects.

I’m not strutting my stuff anywhere. You can bet your ass I would do this if it were any other two people, since it’s my job to ‘assert my moderatorness’. If anything, I waited to see if you would let it die, and you didn’t; you responded AGAIN to Gila’s second comment, and AGAIN to Crotanks’ comment, neither of which were on the topic that you so desperately want to talk about.

Well, I really like pearl jam, so I was wondering why i don’t like him. He just kinda rubs the wrong way I guess.

And i don’t really have a style, just certain moods I’m in.

Lmao, I responded BECAUSE they weren’t on topic and I wanted to remind Gila that I didn’t want to talk about that crap right now.

If you want to stop things like this from happening, then don’t stop me from stopping them from happening. If you had a goal that you wanted to accomplish, you would stop posting in this thread RIGHT NOW. If you just want to continue this shit, then keep right on posting.

#2, OBVIOUSLY. Why else would I lash out at them? Knowing that I lash out at people I don’t respect when they waste my time doesn’t come from years of experience. It comes from common sense. Either way, comparing my experience to yours doesn’t illegitimize my experience. What the hell are you trying to point out? What the hell are you even talking about? Your argument, if it even is an argument, is completely aimless.

In regards to letting it die, that door is open for you right now. You’re not very good at following your own preachings though, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see another useless dead-horse-kicking post from you here. It may be your job to assert your moderatorness, but as I already said, it’s not your job to assert it at inappropriate times.

Back on topic, do YOU know of any good MG songs, SG?

Steve: Is Pearl Jam very similar to Matthew Good? I haven’t heard much of them in the past, but it sounds like I’d enjoy them if they are. Any good PJ songs you’d recommend?

Hades are you seriously saying you didn’t know what was going to happen when you started this thread?

This whole topic is pretty Setz-esque. Do you want us to praise you for going to see some assbag that nobody else knows? I go to shows monthly and don’t post about them o_o

When I was 10 or 11, I asked for and received Beautiful Midnight. For some perspective on my musical tastes at that age, I also got Dance Hits 2000, some terrible compliation. The ‘hits’ part was misleading, as the artists were either foreign, or completely unheard of. Then one day, my older brother borrowed my Matthew Good Band disc, and I would remind him almost daily to return it. When he finally did give it back, I realized that I really did not want to listen to it again. I gave it back to him, and I grew out of that unfortunate stage in my life. I will admit to owning the Dance Hits 2000 cd, but I will change the subject if asked about my Matthew Good Band disc, since I am still embarrassed.

There, a real, overblown response that should calm you down. I still don’t like Matthew Good, and I will make fun of anyone who claims to enjoy his music.

You did a great job of that in your first post. :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate that you tried to stop it from happening, but in the end, it’s the mods’ job to do that, and by writing lengthy refutations to all my explanations of it will continue to derail the thread. You can try and blame it on me if you want, but the fact of the matter is that it was off topic from the second post you made, and every post you’ve made thereafter, save for ONE, has been mostly off topic. It’s MY job. What’s YOUR excuse? If you wanna get it back on topic, then get there. I’m not stopping you from doing jack shit except for flaming people.

That’s not common sense. I sure as hell don’t flip out on people I think don’t know what they’re talking about, and most people don’t. For example, if I were to have said the exact same thing that Gila did, you would have probably responded completely different. That’s not common sense; that’s just a double standard.

The door is just as open to you as it is to me. As for me, I don’t intend to let you off thinking that you can get away with treating people the way you did; at least, not here. It doesn’t seem like you intend to let it die any more than I do, but at the very least, I have the reason of trying to explain to you that in the future, you shouldn’t lash out at people like that. If you want to let it die, then be humble for once, and end it. It all depends on what you wanna talk about more: Matthew Good, and this. In the end, the mods can decide when to close this thread if it just turns into a pointless flame war or becomes off topic.

And, anyways…No, I’ve never heard any Matthew Good stuff…but, if they sound anything like Pearl Jam, they’re probably not half bad. I’d reccomend some of their earlier stuff, like the Album with ‘Jeremy’ and ‘Evenflow’ on it…I think it was called ‘Ten’.

Shinobi, don’t come in here all reprimanding Hades. You’re not gonna help the situation.