Matrix Revolutions

Well, it only comes out in some 3 months I think. But in the mean time, check out what these japanese guys made based on the trilogy.

That was pretty funny. I don’t think it’s exactly “based” on the Matrix, though.

That was pretty cool. I wonder if they could change the camera angles and scenery in such a way that the black suited guys are never seen :stuck_out_tongue:

Why? It’s kinda cute when you can occasionally see them.

Besides, it’s an educaitonal reminder of where the black-suited-ninja stereotype came from. Lest we forget…

Yeah, the japanese happily pretend they aren’t seeing the black-suited guys. In old japanese theatre stuff guys in black suits represented invisible creatures.

The black guys are supposed to be funny, which they are. I’ve seen this, it’s great.

That was some mad choreography.

Old, but it still has some charm.


That was pretty cool.

That was frickin’ hilarious. Proof that you don’t need all kinds of crazy computers for all these special effects: you just need ninjas!

Yes… ninjas… except Yojimbo! That <EXPLETIVE> overpriced bastard. I liked the choreography as well… and the SEs… they made me laugh…

Oh… and if we didn’t have special effects and such… and just… that… well… uhh… yay?

Mwahaha! Hilarious! I want to see that live… >_>

Pretty funny.