Matrix Online - I nearly threw up...

Ok, so I downloaded the stress test for The Matrix Online from file planet and I began to make my character. The introduction is neat, making a character is cool, and the training tutorial was clever. It was very, um “Matrixish”. Then I jacked into the real world. The combat is flunky at best, using predetermined Rock/Paper/Scissors style actions. The game had a mission system that was very expected… You use a cell phone to call an opperator whom gives you missions.

While the ideas and gameplay designs that were implimented are VERY good for what one would expect for a mediocre MMORPG, the problem simply comes out as TERRIBLE controls, Horrific collision, you cannot jump on half the objects in the world, camera control is disturbing (no FPS) and I found myself beeing stuck in doors and walls all the time.

In short - If you feel like suffering through the download AND gameplay experience you’ll agree with me that you do NOT want to pay for this.

I suffered so that you guys wont have to. Trust me.

I’ve heard bad things about the beta, so if they didn’t even fix stuff for the stress test, then well, what can you expect for the final game?

Its a game based on the Matrix. I don’t know why I expected so much in the first place.

Feh. They should’ve stopped with the first movie. I imagine the thumbnail theater’s comment about “Do I look like a masochist to you?” applies to this as well as Enter the Matrix?

Bleh, fuck that. I’ll stick to WoW. I’m probably getting my epic mount within 2 weeks!! Just need Maka and Ryu to pay me back.

Whoo, Epic Mount (soon) :frowning:

I have this to say. I believe that Keanu Reeves’s Only Line That He Can Play Well was all the review they had for this piece of shit.

Haven’t played this, but I imagine it will suck at least as bad as Enter the Matrix.