Grade 10 math sucks.

I need help with 4 questions. I’m lost on the first one. ; ;

Solve for X

a) x + 3y = 11
b) 5y - x = 8
c) x - 3y + 4 = 0
d) 2x + 3y = 4

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: /

Nevermind guys, I got the answers.

a) x = 11 - 3y
b) x = 8 + 5y
c) x = -1 + 4y
d) x = 5 - 3y


You’re 16 and doing Algebra 1?

We learnt this is grade 9, but it’s been a summer of uh… drinking, and other stuff… I forget a shit load of stuff.

Edit: We just started the textbook, and doing a review of what we know from the previous books.

a) correct
b) incorrect
c) incorrect
d) incorrect


I suck at math. =’(

b: -x = 8 - 5y
x = -8 + 5y
x = 5y-8

c) x = 3y - 4

d) x = (1/2)(4-3y)
x = 2 - (3/2)y

Xs and Ys are like apples and oranges. Don’t mix 'em up. You can’t add em or substract em from one another but as shown in d, you can divide everything (or multiply) by a common number. Take it step by step. First add or substract the constants, then toss over ther variables (like y). Solving for a particular variable involves making it equal to 1x or 1y (which makes it x or y) so you have to divide or multiply things accordingly. But you have to remember that whenever you do that, you have to multiply both sides by everything just like when you send a 4 from the left to the right of the = means you have to substract 4 from both sides. In d this cancels the +4 on the left, but creates a - 4 on the right, for example. At your stage you should avoid skipping steps. Take your time because that’s where I’ve seen people screw themselves. It may be more tedious or time consuming but that’s what nails you on tests and it is fucking retarded to get a b or c because of adding and substracting.


Thank you, Captain Obvious.

You didn’t have to explain it at all. Why would you care? I knew all the stuff, just it’s locked deep in my mind. =/ I already told you guys, it’s been a long summer, and I was bound to forget shit.

Hey, Sinistral went out of his way to help you by giving you tips on how to solve the problems rather than simple straight answers. You should be grateful.

After all, he didn’t have to post, and by seeing your response, I doubt he’ll want to help you again.

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Zeppelin, nice picture, I like the way it SUCKS.

Also, I didn’t ask for help AFTER I got some incorrect answers. I asked for help doing the questions I listed. Nothing more. So going out of your way to explain it is nice and all, but posting it AFTER I got my teacher to briefly explain it to me, to remind me what to do, is such a waste of time.

You’re right actually. Helping you is a waste of time. Which is why I flamed you instead, and which is why no matter what you post here for the rest of your life, everyone else will (hopefully) do exactly the same.

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Nowhere except in your last post did you say you already got it explained by your teacher. Instead of posting smart-alec comments, you could have just left the thread as is.