Mathematical mistakes

Would anyone happen to have a list or site of math blunders that have happened over the years? I was looking it up for me mum and could only find one site, which was good, but not exactly what I needed.

On an exam , there were 4 problems (4 integrals). First you had to simplify the algebra , then you had to do the integral. On one of them, I did everything perfectly, including the integral, instead I did -2x instead of +2x in the algebra. Lost 8/16 points on that problem. I was pissed.

I once mistook feet and meters, which is worse than what NASA did. The question involved the diameter of some pipes for a house. Add the convertion mistake, plus another mistake on the actual calculating, and I gave the measures to make a pipe so big that the very house where it should be installed could fit in it.

The NASA thing was where part of the Mars probe was developed overseas, so the programming was in the Metric system. The rest of the programming was in the standard system, since it was developed in the United States. It was never changed, and when they tried to activate the Metric system part of the unit, the data transfer between one part of the unit and the other went ape shit and the whole operation fell to pieces.

I’m good at math, I’m just not good at Calculus…

Calculus = stones in your kidneys.

Calculus owns.

I remember Astral did a mistake that 2 species diverged 25 billion years ago (before life existed).

Customary system, Metric, CGI, fuck 'em all. We should stick with the Crazy Limey system, where velocity is measured in furlongs/fortnight.

Speaking of speed measurements…

points to her math exercise books, starting from 1st grade Go on, pick a random page and I’ll show you at least 5 mistakes on it ^^

I’ll let Calculus ruin my day sometime in July when my AP results come back. I think I got a 4 at best (I’m one of those people that the teacher is sure will get a 5) since the whole free response section was nothing but differential equations, which we did as an afterthought and barely touched.


Yeah, the Metric system kicks the Imperial’s system’s ass!! Those is no point denying it!!

Anyway, I rarely make mathematical mistakes, unless I misread the question I’ve been asked.

My math teacher told me a story about how this guy announced that he solved Fermat’s Last Theorem. A bunch of mathematicians went over his calculations and found that, in the middle, he transcribed a subscript wrong.

What happened? Did they burn him alive or something?

Yeah, then they ate his bwains.

That. Effing. ROCKS. :yipee:

Speaking of Math, can anyone calculate a value for

lim (x->0) sin(x) / x
(In Degrees)

I know that you have to use l’hospital’s rule for it, but that is all I can remember from calc right now.

And apparently nobody noticed when I posted that a couple months ago. :thud: