Master of Orion III

Is it worth the purchase?

This should be in the PC games forum.

And No. No with a capital N. Find the demo from gamespot to see for yourself, its purportedly the full game with a time limit.

Long story short, if you want something similar to the first 2 MoOs, you won’t get it. If you haven’t played those yet, check those out instead.

I have MoO2. It is kinda cool for the first few rounds but then it starts sucking. It’s only my last resource against boredom when I have nothing else better to do.

Edit: MoO3 is probably going to suck more than MoO2 since it’s going to be even more complicated.

Edit2: Go get Stellar Empire, it’s basically MoO with crappy graphics but same gameplay.

When the game came out, I remember Zero and some others were bitching about how complicated the game was - or something.

But Master of Orion II is!

It isnt so much the fact that MoO3 is overly complex (well it is that somewhat, but…) so much as it is how little control and the horrid presentation that kills it. It had many great ideas, all executed in the worst possible way.

Yes. It was depressing to play, after reading about all its great ideas for <i>years</i>.

Not exactly the best game ever :confused:
I’ll stick with MoO2 =D

I’ve been hoping to one day make a game like MoO3, but with the better presentation. That is, the ideas are there, but the game is actually playable, you know?

I’d call it “Master of Onion” to give homage to its inspiration, not infringe any trademarks, and sound funny all at once.