'Master' Chief, Samus, and a metric ton of Covenants. What happens?

Action, that’s what!

Just when you think the hardcore reached a peak, this fan-movie just goes and kicks you in TD’s mom.

What’s with the quotes on Master?

It felt like the Matrix until they got to the Star Wars: CW bit, but it was an otherwise decent flick.

I was loling the cod piece bit until the end when they revealed it’s confusing pointlessness.

I forgot that liquids have no effect on electronic devices.

The action in that thing is incredible.

“Bungie and Nintendo are awesome
Please continue to be awesome by not suing me”


Not in my mom! I need her to mate!

Neato ani :smiley:

Heh. This is over the top, in the sense that a googol is over twenty.

I had no idea fans created such awesome 3-D videos. Dude.

Reminds me when someone created a Scorpion Vs. Ryu video as well as a Raiden (MK) vs. Ken video. Both awesome. So was this.

…until they start dancing.

New word on the “Master Chick’s” identity: a “Dead Or Alive” character.

Man, I sent this video to a ton of people without having watched the more embarassing parts. I’m still all agog over the actual action, but the whole MC being a woman and dancing part is so, so very the result of being made by the type of person who had the time to make it.

Of course they need dancing. Otherwise the hot lesbians will be too butch.

The dancing, yeah. Funny how some things get insta-erased from memory.