Mass Effect 2

Anyone else playing it?


Yes, I am. A HUGE improvement over the first one so far. Hopefully it lasts longer, too.

I’m currently making my way towards the Omega 4 relay. After I’m done with everything else, of course.
Found all the team members, so I’m working on various side missions because I heard that the O4R is a one way thing, so you want to finish any side quests you want to do first.
I don’t know if it actually IS one way but hey, I was gonna do the side quests first anyway.

Got it, did some of it, enjoying it so far.

Got on PC, need to check that save game repository for one that resembled my ME1 save more, can’t seem to find it anymore. :frowning:

Little easter egg with mining, didn’t know the ship AI had a sense of humor.

LOL! I didn’t test that one. EDI has a few really good lines, like when she tells Joker that she enjoys seeing humans on their knees.

Just finished ME1 as a non-romancing Paragon. Heroic, yes, but upon trying a Renegade Femshep, I was floored at how much of a jerk you can be without it being as much reprehensible as it is hilarious. And upon youtube research, yeah, SHEPARD PUNCH is probably one of the more OH GOD YES A GOOD GUY CAN DO THIS if faced with adversity that really isn’t so. Probably going for #2… once I can find it at a more affordable price than 60€ :F

Note for all: play as a sentinel in ME2. Vangard is terrible, Adept is heavily nerfed from ME1. Soldier isn’t bad. I haven’t tried infiltrator or engineer yet, but engineer’s skills are useless for most of the game if you read them and infiltrator sounds like a good a idea, but I strongly suspect it will be ruined by the dependency on the allies’ TERRIBLE AI.

2 words: Bullet time.

Everytime you zoom with the sniper rifle, you get bullet time for a few secs.

Soldier you get bullet time whenever you freaking feel like it.

And the mega sniper you get is hot. If you have the ‘headshot +50% damage’ upgrade, you 1 shot everything except targets that have shields + armor. Maybe. I’ve splattered some with a single bullet with my +70% dmg buff when cloaked. :E

You mean you always have bullet time with the infiltrator?

Everytime you zoom with the sniper. Doesn’t work with other weapons.

Soldier is bullet time on demand, but has a cooldown.

The infiltrator isn’t so bad then, I’ll have to give it a whirl. I’m having the most fun playing on hardcore. Finishing some parts of insanity were just unpleasant.

ARGH, lost my power after pressing wrong button. Anyway, great combat, conversations work even better and the Citadel is filled with humorous references.

SoldierShep continued, I have some problems with guessing my squad mate classes - who should I pick for a mission/assignment? Jacob seems like a Vanguard with his Biotics and Ammo skills, Miranda a Sentinel (Pull&Overload), Zaeed (That DLC dude) looks like a pure soldier minus the bullet time ability + loyalty power and Mordin… pure engineer? (his powers mention his skills are done with his omnitool so he’s pure tech?)

Mission/assignments don’t really mention on what is needed or what is faced - of course, if I’m going to a mech factory, it’s tech guys all over, but there’s really no telling who might come in handy. Maybe it’s just my own preferences that I should follow? As in, whose dialogue I want to hear the most.

Any other Shepard classes have weapon-specific skills like infiltrator? It also makes more sense to have bullet time on the player class, but what do the other classes offer?

Don’t even try to figure out what class the allies are. Just rely on their skills and look at their weapons. Typically characters either have useful biotics or useful guns. Rarely both. Biotic use is highly situational. If you’re playing on the easier difficulties, it won’t matter. If you’re on higher difficulties, you need to make sure your allies have the proper SQUAD ammo upgrades to enable you to do decent damage (unless you’re a soldier, which I advise against doing).

Typically if you know you’re going to face blood pack like on tuchanka, you get people like mordin (incinerate) and garrus (anti armor ammo). If you’re facing geth, you use Tali and the mystery character because they can hack AI. If you’re facing Eclipse mercs (shields and robots), you use Zaeed + someone else of your choice because Zaeed has the ammo for it. I typically pick garrus or miranda.

If you have a map with a boss on it, like 2 heavy mechs in Garrus’ loyalty mission or you need to kill the boss of Grunt’s recruitment mission or you need to blow up a gunship like in Samara’s recruitment mission, carry the m920 and fire a good shot in their face. It essentially 1 shots or nearly 1 shots all of them from full health.

If you want to really kick ass use a Sentinel. Tech armor is godly and you have warp and overload, which makes it so you’re good to fight shields AND armor. The fact you have throw is also excellent since you can fight husks easily. The guns suck at first, but its not too bad since you can get in people’s faces using the tech armor. The nice thing about tech armor is as follows: it auto regens your shields when you use it. Those shields have +25% shields per level. When it pops, it sends out a shockwave that knocks down enemies temporarily and when you’re at level 4, the range of the stun is huge and does damage. Its fucking ridiculous.

Infiltrator is only useful for sniping. As I mentioned earlier, your ally ai is fucking stupid, so good luck. Vangard is terrible because you use shotguns and shotguns are close range. 90% of the combat is long to very long range. Adept was good in ME1 but is far less good now because skills don’t work on anything with shields or armor. Soldier, as mentioned earlier, is boring. Engineer is useless. You rarely fight anything where those skills will be useful.

On a different note, get the mystery character and use him when you recruit Tali. Very funny.

I figured out I’d upgrade everyone elses ammo skills to party level and Shepard’s own ammo skills to deal more oomph. Since I found 4/5 upgrades and a few researches, I’ve stuck my Biotics to use Heavy Pistols. Stuff falls down. As for Ally AI, I dunno. Tali gets herself killed if there’s anything that doesn’t have mechs in it. Having a shotgun doesn’t cut it against an YMIR :smiley: The mystery guest, though, fares slightly better with his assault rifle (Is it just me or is the Reventant machine gun a bit too inaccurate to be considered an upgrade to the Vindicator?) Um, I guess our game experience is slightly different, because I couldn’t even get the mission to recruit the mystery guest before I recruited Tali (I did take him to the Flotilla for some lulz and because I wanted to check his skills out.)

Biggest danger to me so far have been husks. HUSKS. 5 damn husks get past and you can’t do jack squat because your melee only pushes one person away, their melee stuns you for a second and backing up blindly gets you into a corner and DEAD. Biggest danger to my AI allies has been their inability to use cover.

And yeah, Tech characters don’t have it nice this time. At least with biotics, you can do explosive combos on adjacent enemies without armor/shields…

Did cost me 7k credits, but now I has a Space Hamster. For more Minsc references, Tali. "Go for the Optics! Go for the Optics! Also, Jim Cummings seems to voice one of the random crewmembers you have aboard the Nordandy.


Great. Game forces the last mission (I take it starts when my crew is stolen.) on me when I still have two dossiers and more over half the Squad unloyal. Nice going Penny Arcade. No sexing up Yeoman Chambers now that you can’t flirt.

So, any idea how should I proceed? Still need to go meet the assassin and the justicar. Not to mention picking up Loyalty abilities.

Well if you had listened to what your crew was telling you about how you needed to be ready for your mission before going to it, you wouldn’t be here :P. Your game isn’t over. Just that your crew is going to die and you don’t get to have Chambers spoon with you and give you a lapdance.

Husks aren’t that bad. Shockwave, concussion shot and throw are instant kills. Throw is on a very fast cooldown.

Having your character and your allies have the ammo powers is useless because you can only have 1 equipped at a time.

You can recruit Tali after going to the derelict reaper and recruiting Legion. I played the game by recruiting and completing everyone’s loyalty missions except Tali’s before going there. Everything was fine. Typically you should only have to do 1 loyalty mission before going through the omega 4 relay.

The vindicator assault rifle is nice. I also really like the geth pulse rifle.

I was going to return a standard assignment to regular old Omega, and then all hell breaks loose :I Well, just recruited Thane (love the coat) and once I have the Justicar, I think I’m ready. Curiously, I got Tali before I even had the Legion ship on my map. Oh well. At least Tali’s dashing Captain saves her once again.