Mass Bush Cabinet Resignation

Powell and like three others just announced their resignations.

guess who is replacing powell?

C. Rice

i still say bush is doing something screwy with that girl…

An advice from personal experience: If more people start resigning, and you start to see old (As in prehistoric) politicians as replacements, move the heck away from there ASAP.

Resignations are fairly common. In fact, I think after every election, every cabinet member turns in a resignation letter, and it is up to the President to decide whether or not he accepts the resignation.

Acceptance form the president? You mean it’s possible that he’ll have to stay even if he wants to quit?

If I’m right about the resignation thing, then if he really wants to quit, the President will accept the resignation. Even if he doesn’t, he could turn in some other non-customary resignation thingymabobber and just refuse to work.

No surprise.

I think Powell should’ve resigned a long time ago. It would’ve made him look less bad after the crap with the UN presentation. However, one can also see it as an attempt on his part to try to balance out the shit that was going on.

Or to just show that in the face of the republican party, no one is safe from propaganda.

I’m just surprised he didn’t get fed up with all that nonsense sooner.