Well I was listening to a radio talk show the other day and they brought up this interesting topic regarding masculinity! They asked these women whether they prefer there men hairy or waxed/clean? (btw, I’m not talking about where the sun don’t shine!) I mean having hair on their arms, legs chest etc… Because many males depicted in Hollywood are bare chested and have no hair on their arms or legs. I personally prefer hair, I mean my arms are like beast’s in x-men! :stuck_out_tongue: So I thought, why not pose this question to everyone!

What do you consider more masculine… Hair or No Hair?


Just be yourself. If you are a hairy guy than hair. If you just happen to not be hairy than that’s fine. It’s no big deal. Who cares what the media says.

A man without a moustache is worth about as much as a woman with one.

Haha… never thought I’d get any serious replies here. ^^

I used to have a hairy chest. XGF said it was manly and a nice break from dudes with no hair. Long story short I shave my chest once in a while now. Can’t wait to find out what horror back hair is going to be…

I’m voting for hair, mainly out of envy. I am incapable of producing any significant amount of hair. When I don’t shave my face, it doesn’t grow enough to form a proper moustache/beard but just enough to look seedy. If you’re lucky enough to be hairy, I say let it grow!