Masashi's music. SaGa Frontier 2 and U.SaGa

At first when I heard the music in SF2, I got pissed off at how much he recycled his tunes in the game. It was like he only knew how to make maybe seven tunes.

After awhile I began to think that maybe it was done that way on purpose to give a reminder of history feel. So I like the music in SF2 better than before, but still prefer SF’s music and RS3.

Still Unlimited SaGa has convinced me Masashi has way more talent than I gave him credit for. A lot of the tunes are extremely good and feel natural.

Either it’s good I can look forward to a decent over all soundtrack. Though I do wonder how many of the tunes may be one shot tunes.


I haven’t heard much of the USaGa music yet. It’s definitely different than I expected… the battle theme was quite interesting. It’s hard for me to describe how well I like the music without seeing how it’ll fit into the game.

He does re-use parts of the main U-SaGa theme again in a lot of his songs, so it’s kinda the same thing. Only crappier, really. I liked Hamauzu’s work in SF2. It was based almost entirely off 3 riffs, but at least it was memorable. I’m just not liking U-SaGa’s music. I just don’t think Hamauzu is suitable for composing for SaGa games. I think the importance of SaGa’s music is to be diverse, and also melodic. The tunes have to be diverse for all the differenct characters and cultures (Especially seen in RS3 and SaGa Frontier), and they also have to be memorable to be effective, since there are so many different cultures and characters. Hamauzu doesn’t achieve that as well as Ito does in my opinion…not by a longshot.

As much as I like U.SaGa’s music, I’d still rather have Kenji Ito doing the music in the end. SaGa Frontier is probably my favorite of the SaGa soundtracks. Especially with the final boss tunes.

And he definitely does reuse tunes in U.SaGa, but I got used to that aspect in SF2. So I guess it isn’t that bad for me. Of course like any soundtrack there are probably some tunes that stand for me.

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t be surprised if I judged several soundtracks based on favorite tunes more than anything else. Even when I don’t mean to.