Marxism/Communism in Cuba?

I’m doing a presentation on Marxism in Cuba for a Spanish project (blah!). So I’ve been looking for some good sites on the topic (I’m doing a timeline on it). But me being me I can’t find anything.

Also, I wasn’t sure if Marxism and Communism were the same thing? Could someone tell me if they are?

For sources, I suggest consulting at first general sourcebooks on communist history and Cuban history. Even if those books do not give you enough information, you can look at their bibliographies and search for better sources there. Unfortunately, I do not know of any good websites on which you might find the information which you seek.

The two terms ‘communism’ and ‘Marxism’ are similar, but they are not the same thing. Communism is the general term for the type of government in which (ideally, at least) one single political party representative of the people controls the nation and the economy, and under which all persons are equal. By contrast, Marxism is the body of political and economic ideas created by Marx and Engels or the specific type of communism (in this case theoretical) envisioned by Marx and Engels. Marxism thus differs from other types of communism which other political leaders, like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Minh, put into practice.

I hope that this helps you.

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Thanks for the help. I found WikiPedia last night before I saw this.

Che lives.
Vva La Revolution.

I’d suggest the book Che Guevara by John Lee Anderson. It deals with Che’s life but a section of it is devoted to Cuba during and after the revolution, and it also shows the differences between communism in Russia and China and Cuba. It’s also a very good read.

… Errr… what the hell? This is well over 3 months old. I don’t need any more help. I got a B on the project. Which was 3 months ago.