Marvel 2099 anyone remember it?

This is when I REALY got into superhero comic books.

X-Men 2099 was rad, and Hulk 2099 was cool too.
Ghost Rider 2099 was really kick ass, but what do the rest of you think of this series?

I remember them (they were a cyberpunk-based line of Marvel Comics in the 90’s) but I think you’re on the wrong board to discuss this. Try the Media Board.

Yeah I remember, I still have Spiderman 2099 and Venom 2099

I think this was the step in complication of Marvel’s canon that officially drove me over the edge into my life of wanton murder and drug abuse, but that might’ve been one of the Cable sagas.
Seriously, though, I liked them when I read them. Well, I actually wasn’t too big a fan of most of them, but Doom 2099 remains to this day some of the best writing I’ve seen in mainstream comics.

I read a few issues of Spider-Man 2099, but otherwise didn’t bother with the series that much. Now, I kinda wish I had read Doom 2099, but oh well, maybe they’ll get off their lazy asses and release a couple collections of the Marvel 2099 series.

And two comics threads in one day? Damn…

I got the first issue of the X Man 20099 one, even though I never bought comic books or anything, and it was all shiny, neato.

Wow, this got more comments than I expected.

Yeah, the concept behind Marvel 2099 wasn’t bad, but not terribly original either. And they never explained well how come heroes of the 20th Century were being recreated in the future. I didn’t care much for the series, except for DOOM 2099, which had some of the best writing I’ve ever read in a comic book (by writer John Ostrander) at least in the first half of the series. Any comic that not only redeems Doctor Doom, but manages to convince us that he’s the World’s only hope, has got to be written well indeed!

2099 sux balls lol.

I actually think the did a good explanation of the creation of Ghost Rider 2099, though i don’t think they ever did mention who these “oracles” were that wanted him to work for them.

Each and everyone of the first covers of the 2099 line were shiny. I also had hoped that they would have expanded on that female vampire hero they brought forth in an anathology series.


I’ve only read Spider-Man 2099. I liked that one, though.

according to Wikipedia Doom 2099 was first written by John Francis Moore, and then later by Warren Ellis. I’d be interested in reading the Ellis issues to see if they were good, but the only 2099 book I remember reading was Ravage 2099, which was probably the worst or least memorable of the group.