Martial arts

Since I’ve noticed a trend in the fitness thread I’m asking how many of you practice a martial art, what belt you are and how long you’ve being practicing it.
Me, I practice karate every Tuesday and Thursday, and some Fridays. I’m a first brown and have being at it for about four years now. You?

Waiting for atkins threads, ahahha oh god- we’re all going to die.

I used to do Karate, but I didn’t enjoy it that much. I found that it focused too much on offensive attacks. I dislike that.


I have a samurai sword, and occasionally train with that, but I don’t actually study any form of martial arts.

I started Aikido back in June. I’m allowed to go for my first belt in October maybe, but I’m not sure I’ll do it. The classes are ever Tuesday and Thursday and every now and again they have a seminar.

GFT: Ground Fighting Techniques baby! That and Army jiujitsu rocks.

I have since I was six years old.

Kendo for a year or two, due to financial restraints and irritating people I quit. Random generic martial arts before that which never amounted to anything, save Nunchuku, which pretty much went down the same road as Kendo.

I was taught Taekwondo for about eight years. To this day I can’t walk out the house without doing a roundhouse kick.

I’ve practiced with a bokken for several years now and recently joined a group that gets together twice weekly to spar with padded swords.

Nope. But I have considered Capoeira.

Capoeira is awesome if you can do it right. A lot of spins. If you have balance issues, I don’t suggest it.

I’ve worked with staff techniques…which is pretty cool. The only problem is you can’t be in confined quarters and be completely effective. That’s where billy clubs/cop clubs come in. And that’s one really homoerotic avatar…

me too! along with daggers,num chucks, axes p:unch:: …and I won’t get into that right now…hehehe… :mwahaha: dont ask why, long story :boring:

but I do want to get into that though, train in a form of martial art I mean…it sounds pretty cool. EXCEPT for karate, thats just gay :noway:

I have a yellow belt :stuck_out_tongue: from when I was ten. I almost made it to second degree yellow.

Southern Shaolin Hung Gar. Im not very good since I just started a year ago, but it is very fun, and different from any martial art I’ve ever done. I get to learn a broadsword set soon!

Shoto-Gouken style is the most powerful. Fools.

I got up to green belt in Jujitsu and I’m a tan belt (the lowest, haven’t had a chance top try for higher) in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program).

Used to Judo.

nope, is Saikyo


All the martial arts in the world can’t save you from a well-placed punch to the face when you don’t see it coming. All you can learn is how to not get suckerpunched and block and counter that shit.