Marlins Win World Series

I guess you can pitch effectively on three days rest…

Josh Beckett, working on only three days rest (which was supposedly a guarantee that he wouldn’t be as effective) threw a complete game shutout today in Yankee Stadium. Marlins win game 2-0. Marlins win series 4-2.

Hooray! Hooray! The lesser of two evils has prevailed!

For those of you around here who don’t care about baseball but DO care about IRC, what this means to you is that the “YankeesSuck” bot is out, and the “Elune” bot is back in.

Yay! Now I can change my favorite movie back to what it was (during World Series was: “Damn Yankees”)

I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, YANKEES! spits on their grave

Geez, I was actually rooting for the Yankees. I’m an Orioles fan, and the Yankees were representing their division. Plus, if the series had gone to game 7, former Oriole Mike Mussina would have been pitching for the Yankees.


fuck the yankees.

Screw both of them.

But now I can care about the NFL, (go chiefs/vikings because I love john avery) the NHL, (go oilers) the CFL, (go eskimos) and the NBA (go mavs, steve nash rules).