Mark of the Wolves

This game looks friggin sweet. Like, not as twink/stupid-fast as MvC2 but not as clunky and boring as some of SNKs other fighters…

Now I have to know, where can I get it? Igatona, your probably the one who knows the answer to my question…

It’s emulatable in <A HREF=“”>MAME</A>, it’s on Dreamcast, and it’s coming soon to JP PS2. The Japanese version is called Garou: Mark of the Wolves, the US version is called Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. It’s a pretty old game, really, but they are about to re-release it on JP PS2 (as mentioned above).

[edit] Forgot to mention with all the answering of your question and all, but it’s actually my favorite SNK fighter, yes even more than King of Fighters. And I’ll always have fond memories of the first time I played it, when I chose Butt and my friend chose Rock. The versus screen showed “BUTT ROCK” and my other friend, who wasn’t playing, looked over, double-taked, and said “Oh, for a second I thought that said ‘Buttrot.’ That’d be pretty gross.”

[edit 2] You work at Gamestop, who doesn’t carry Dreamcast games anymore, but you’re about to merge with EB, who does carry Dreamcast (and older) games. See if you can call around and find an EB that has it.

Damn it all, I wish I had a dreamcast. And since my only arcade that had the game went out of business I’m stuck looking to play a fighter on MAME. God I hate emulating fighting games, it feels so dirty.

But alas, perhaps the Jap release of MotW on PS2 will trigger some release in the states. It’d be almost as cool as SF3:Third Strike’s US PS2 launch.

Just watching Terry go at it really makes me want the game. Hes one of my faves from CvS2 (along with Rock).

SNK has some good characters, but for some reason it seems like everyone wants to choose either Capcom or SNK and hate the other. I’ll take the best of both worlds and lovem.

The only way you can get it now, in the US, is by using the DC version or emulating it. Rare will be an arcade carrying it (they’ll have replaced it with either KoF2k3 or Samurai Shodown Zero or SvC:Chaos)

I believe I’ve got a DC copy at my workplace…or was that Last Blade 2…I forget.

Anyway, MotW is probably SNK’s best fighter to date. You have a sort of parry system (Just Defend) à la SF3, you have the Tactical Offense System (or something like that) which can change the outcome of a battle easily (basically, what you do with this is choose a third of your lifebar, depending on which third you choose, the closer to death the third is the better the bonuses, you get huge attacks and another command attack when you’re in your ToS, and you regain a little degree of health so long as you’re in there).

The supers are pretty damned easy to do (usually 2 QCFs or 3 QCFs) though, so if you’re looking for complex joystick motions better go away from this one (although Tizoc/Griffon Mask has 360s and 720s).

It’s probably SNK’s funnest fighter to date.

Sounds like the most “SF” SNK fighter to date as well. I like the sound of it alot.

There is a Dreamcast emulator (unless I’m sorely mistaken), so you could just get the DC version and emulate it on your PC…

I only know of one that runs commercial games at all (, and even then, you’ll need a 2.5 GHz processor and close to 1 GB of RAM to run at full speed.

It is. The guy that was originally supposed to direct the SF3 series quit Capcom to go to SNK in order to do MotW.