Mario Kart DS Tournament

So, what would y’all think about a MKDS tourny? Any takers?

I’d participate.

I’d dominate.

I’m up for it, I just got a router

Ok, so, here’s what I’m thinking.

First off, the rules:

  1. R.O.B isn’t allowed to be used. He’s a wee bit on the unfair side.

  2. IN keeping with rule one, R.O.B’s karts are illegal as well, as they give an unfair advantage.

Second, to enter e-mail me at title the e-mail “RPGC MKDS tourny” and in it include your Nickname, Friend Code, Character, Kart and your choice for a single track in the first round. Also include your availabilities so matches can be scheduled accordingly.

Each racer gets to pick one track per match. Depending on how many participants we get either the first and second racers will move onto the second round or all but last place will move on. If numbers disallow even matches then some racers may be seeded. Seeding will be completely random as to make it fair.

So, submit your entries from now on. The due date will be the 6th of January so a week from friday.

I think everyone’s friend code was already submitted in that other thread.

Aside from that, I’m in, but based on times that people are working/at school/in other time zones, how do we plan on organizing this?

I hate posting this sort of thing, but… I WISH.

This really is a great idea, though, having a formal tournament. :smiley:

Hey all, Lanyx buzzed me about this so in a few days I can get my wireless set up and play with you all.

I have to ask though, how is R.O.B. and his karts unfair? I face people all the time that use him and I don’t have a problem with it at all. (For the record all I use is Yoshi and his standard kart) I honestly think that it doesn’t give an unfair advantage.

He isn’t, really. He’s got good stats but he is FAR from stupidly unbalanced.

If I manage to get an adaptor soon, I’m in.

Thats why I want to know people’s availabilties so I can try to come up with a schedule of matches to organize it properly. And I want their friend codes so I can ensure everyone has each other’s friend codes so I don’t end up with some people all “But I don’t have their friend code!” too soon before their match.

I should be ready by then.

I’d be willing, I don’t use R.O.B. karts anyway, don’t like his stats/style.

Well so far only Dev’s applied so I guess I’ll make another thread which I would appreciate to be stickied. Of the rules and such.

no carriers, battlecruisers or mutas >:(
also no lt or bgh
nr 24 hrs ok? gg nubs

edit: stuck