Mario Kart 64 150cc

Okay in Mario Kart 64 who is the best person to use?Are there any unlockables?And i need help with the 150cc Star and Special Cup, any tips and answers appreciated.Thanks!

My experience with Mario Kart 64 has lead me to believe that the average characters (Mario and Luigi) are the best, though I normally play as Bowser just because I can and still win. 8P Winning the 150cc grants you a new title screen and the option to play the mirror image of each track.

Anyway, one of the tricks I have used time and time again to complete challenging kart racers such as this is to find a second player to act as an “attacker”. Have him go out of his way to fire crap at other racers while they attempt to race, or even better, while they try to hit a jump like the Wario Stadium one. Too funny, and very effective too! 8)

Since you’re playing on 150cc, don’t expect to get 1st place in every race every time. But also, if you get a 4th in the first race of the cup, it’s a good idea to start over and improve. I’m also assuming that you know how to power slide, and that you do it quite often.

By the way, which tracks are you having trouble with in particular?
I’m surprised you haven’t complained about Toad’s Turnpike, or Banshee Boardwalk. Tell me a little more about where you’re stuck, and I’ll give you some tips for those tracks.

For having the attacker part i can usually get my sister to play with me to help out.Also, it’s really all the tracks for the last two cups in 150 cc except for wario stadium, I just can’t do good in them.Do you have to have a gold cup to get the two unlockables?If not i can probably get them with bronze or silver.Also if it matters I usually race with Wario

Wario is a good choice, but you might want to think that over. Wario is excellent if you don’t hit any walls; he has a high top speed, and if you can maintain that, you’ll get far ahead and stay there. And yes, you have to get Gold. 8)

Here are a few things I do on each track. On tracks such as Bowser Castle where there is no real “road”, you should generally try to stay near the edges of the track, so that you can cut time off of the turns.

Sherbet Island: Drive near the edge of the track, hopping over the small broken parts of the ice (this saves time, as little as it may be.) Also, the penguins follow a set pattern, I think. Take note of where they walk and when, and plan your moves accordingly. If you have a Star, you can plow through them!

Royal Raceway: Stay on the track no matter what; I’ve lost this race a few too many times because of that curve at the end. You might want to use a Mushroom to blast through the grassy part near the end and cut that turn at the end, just land on the track and make sure you NEVER fall in the water there.

Bowser Castle: When you hit the room with the Thwomps, stay on the carpet. Learn their timing, and swerve out of the way if you have to. Remember to stay near the edges of the track to cut seconds off of your time.

DK Jungle Parkway: Stay off the grass AT ALL COSTS. Not only will it slow you down, but the coconuts make progress even slower. When you hit the jump, veer left (but not too far left) to get a good start on the next part of the track, hopefully facing the right way. At the end, you can try and use a Mushroom to climb the big hill, saving a bit more time, and in some cases, winning the race!

Yoshi Valley: Practice this one a lot; you’ll need to remember the route. What I do is take the first left to the narrow path with the Porcupuffer enemies, as it is the shortest route on the track. Practice hitting it the right way, slowing down as little as possible.
The egg is pretty easy to dodge, but try and stay in the center of the egg area.

Banshee Boardwalk: Tricky, indeed (you might not get 1st on this track, actually.) Don’t bother powersliding much on this track; there aren’t enough railings to protect you from plunging into the water. You should be able to reach and maintain a high speed on this track, which you’ll need to keep ahead.

Rainbow Ride: Not much I can say about this one; just try and get an early lead and fight off anyone who comes near with some Red Shells. This is a good race for your accomplice to race along with you and keep a second place position. That’s another tip; having a second player to keep the other players from getting 6 points is a very good thing and will make life easier for you. 8)

Anyway, that’s all I have to help you with, sorry. I’ve been playing DKR recently, and the approach to the game is so much DIFFERENT from Mario Kart. But I wish you luck, and when you win, let me know. Just don’t give up; N64 games are hard, but most of them can be beaten with lots of practice and frequent retrying. It took me about 3 months of raw determination to master Perfect Dark, but I did it because I didn’t give up. 8)


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Jump over the wall at the beginning of Wario Stadium. Don’t get a boost at the start and do a power slide into the wall, jumping as soon as you hit the top of the little hill, if you do it right and you have a good angle at the wall, you’ll jump right over, cutting of half of the track. It’s also possible to jump back and get a 7 second lap (The world record being under 30 seconds because of that), but I’ve never managed it.


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I dunno, I’ve never been able to jump back over the wall. And yes, probably some japanese kid.

The record is something like 21.7 seconds. My personal record is 32.5

Personally, I like using Yoshi. Dunno why, he just seems to work best for me.


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YES!!I finally beat the star cup:yipee: just one more to go…hopefully i can get my sister to race with me on that.


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Mario Kart 64…one of the games I’m the best at…

I always use Yoshi, but Toad is also very good. However, if you have a character you’re good at, jsut stick with them.

I never had another player play on my team, but for the last thing I needed a gold cup in I did play two player, and just had the second player sit there (one less person for me to have to defeat).

The best advice I can offer: the sharp turn. learn and master the use of the R button. It’s KEY in mastering Mario Kart 64.

Good luck!

I generally find Toad and Wario work the best for me, Toad having some of the best handling in the game and Wario having one of the better top speeds.