Mario is Dead

As awful as it was this is still fairly sad news.

Now who will “Do the Mario!”? :bowser:

Aw. 8-(

That made me sad, and then the video made me smile from pure nostalgia.

His memory lives on through shampoo.

Come see me when Bob Hoskins is dead. THen I’ll care.

…No, I never watched the Super Mario Brothers Super Show as a kid. No idea why. I just didn’t.


O Captain, my Captain.

Given how the rest of this year has gone so far, you might want to get a head start.

Oh man, the cartoon.

Cheesy as it was, the Super Show was part of my childhood. Rest in peace, Cap’n. salutes


RIP, Cap’n.

He’s doing the Mario with angels now…

I have a Super Show DVD I watch when I get really stoned…but alas, very sad news. Capt. Lou made a huge impact in my childhood, and I will miss him.

I actually got his autograph a long tome ago. I was really pissed because he didnt’t have his Mario costume with him, only his wrestler one. Still, this is very sad. I loved the show, but I like the Zelda cartoon on after it better. RIP Captain.

I’ve been doing the Mario since I was a toddler. You know what it’s also called? WALKING.

Still, sad to see a legend of gaming’s early mainstream emergence pass away.