Wow. I’m actually really damned excited about this game- I’m definately going to rent it, and possibly buy it.

Anybody play this game? If so… uh… tell me as much as you can! :o

That game looks good, I’ll check it out sometime.

I guess I’ll check it out.

I had been following it closely for the last few months and was pretty psyched about it when i got it.

It is really cool at first, but as you get further along, the novelty wears off as it becomes more and more of a shoot em up game (Which it isnt at first).

I was kinda dissapointed by it myself.

I’m going to rent it, since it is my duty as a gamer to become desensitized to each new level of violence the industry has to offer. I doubt it can offer the incredible carnage of Soldier of Fortune 2, if only due to the constrictions of the PS2. Still, I bet I’ll enjoy it.

Soldier of Fortune 2 had carnage? :stuck_out_tongue:
I never really was very sensetive to violence, games or otherwise.

Hate to say it, but Rockstar fucked this one up bad. The whole premis is to get the bloody violent kills stealthily as possible and I have only managed to get the one on the training mission. They made it near impossible. It’s also impossible to go just balls out melee in each level seeing as how if you manage to kill one guy the other will most likely get you if he sees you.

The game looked good, but it blows hard.

I agree with Frame.

Not my usual style of game, but looks interesting. Maybe I will play it.