Manga suggestions

I just (finally) finished my latest series I’ve been collecting, and now I have nothing left to buy. I don’t have very much time to check out different books in stores since I’m rushed everytime I go to a book store, so I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good one to pick up. (a little summary of it might be nice too ^^)

It’d be good to know which series you already have, so we know which ones not to suggest. And it might give us an idea of your taste, which could help us out in recommending something, somehow.

have you read .hack legend of the twilight?

Haven’t read all that many, so I figured it didn’t matter. ^^;

Tokyo Mew Mew
Petshop of Horror
Miracle Girls
Demon Diary
The Tenchi ones…(forgot its name)

Haven’t read .hack. Is it better than the series was?

Anything by CLAMP or Rumiko Takahasi is worth reading.

You might like Fruits Basket. I think only the 3 first volumes have been translated into English so far. You wouldn’t have too much trouble finding them in stores because they’re new. Maybe you’ve heard of the anime, though. Everybody was talking about it a few years ago. :stuck_out_tongue: If you don’t know yet, the story is silly and irrealistic, as always: a 16 year-old orphan girl has to live with cute guys (all part of the same family) who turn into Chinese Zodiac animals when hugged by a girl. That’s a very crappy and details-less summary by me. I haven’t read all the series, but even though it’s corny and all that stuff, it’s surprisingly entertaining.

Try “Wish” by Clamp. It’s only four volumes. An angel gets stranded on Earth in cherub (SD) form (angel by day, cherub by night) and is rescued by a mature male doctor person who, in what may be an exception to every anime/manga standard, is not a sex-starved horny adolescent. It’s refreshing. It’s a nice short, harmless, cute, innocent story. No doom-and-gloom, the world’s going to end, woe is me nonsense.

Basara: Six volumes currently translated out of twenty-some-odd… Post-apochalypse Japan. Things have gone back to a more feudal state, and the country has been divided into four kingdoms. The Boy of Destiny, Tatara, is born in a small village of the Red Kingdom, and it is said he will overthrow the current oppressive government. The Red King has him killed, so his sister, Sarasa, takes his place, making everyone believe that she is her brother, and that it had been her who was killed. She begins to lead the rebellion in earnest, but things get complicated when Sarasa meets a young man named Shuri, and the two fall in love. Shuri is the Red King, but neither of them realize that they have fallen in love with the one they have sworn to destroy. The characters in the story have a lot of depth, and it’s hard to label any of them as ‘good’ or ‘evil’. The art takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s worth the effort to read the great story.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Originally released as four volumes, it is now being re-released in it’s original seven volume state. Another post-apochalyptic story. Nausicaa is the young princess from the Valley of the Wind. She has an adventurous spirit, and the ability to communicate with the Insects that inhabit the Poison Forest which is slowly covering the world. The Valley is called to war by their allies, and Nausicaa takes her ailing father’s place. When she is kidnapped by the enemy, she begins to discover that the mystery of the poison forest is more involved than she thought. That wasn’t the best summary, but it’s hard to separate the manga from the movie in my mind…^^;

REading the four volume Manga (The only Manga I’ve really reaad outside of Akira) of Nausicca, I’ds say that is a very good read.

Gunsmith Cats come into mind… Good stuff with girls, guns, grenades…

And the Star Wars Manga do come in mind as well…

A miracle occured with The Phantom Menace: The artist himself wanted to cut the amount of paneltime Jar Jar and Anakin got and gave it to the Jedi. Consider it.

Thank you for your suggestions ^^

You’d probably like Magic Knight Rayearth.

i see you have read card captor.

if you really liked that series then i would suggest TSUBASA.

its a sequel to card captor.

it shows what happened to sakura and syaoran after card captor.

to put the plot in a nutshell sakura looses all her memories and goes into a coma so syaoran has to go on a quest to regain skuras memories.

…thats not a very good summary. sweatdrop


Tsubasa is actually a continuation of a lot of CLAMP series. They jumped several dimensions and years in time as well. Sakura is now royalty

They released Chrno Crusade manga. But ADV called it Chrono Crusade. They might get sued by Squaresoft

Just read Tsubasa today, and another going along with it called xxxholic I think. ^^

What’s Magic Knight Rayearth about?,132,lahzhx,magic_knights_r.html

Yes, I know all the images are dead… And their descriptions suck, but it’s good for looking up the number of episodes and volumes.

Skipped over the thread, but here’s what i suggest:
Cowboy Bebop

What’s priest?

Priest is a manwa. I heard its about this priest dude that banishes demons

RAyearth is real cool. These three chicks are in a rpg world. Its actually been out a long time

This other manwa is called Now. But it aint good. I dont know why. They talk about a lot of karate’ing and theres a lot of speed lines. I cant reallly explain, its just not interesting.

But this one Manwa called RAgnorak. It rocks the house, man

I’d suggest Ranma 1/2. Even though it’s very strange, it’s very funny. Even my older brother likes it, and me and him are as different as can be!