Man, the first three Spyro the Dragon Games were great

Those games hold strong sentimental value for me- especially the first one. I see every single game come out since then and how awful they are and it makes me sad.

The first one was awesome (too bad we lost our copy). I liked the other two but they aren’t as good as the original. They just don’t have the same charm as the first one.

PSX extinguished N64 like the butt of a cigarette, however N64 was clearly the better in 3D platforms.

The first Spyro was fun, though it didn’t feel really new. Haven’t played the rest.

Heh, I loved the Spyro games.

I rented the first and third games, and I liked them. Not enough to buy them, but they were fun. I downloaded a GBA or GBC rom for another. Mainly I got annoyed at the lack of my ability to run angled. Stupid keyboard not registering all three keystrokes at once.

I have the first game… I got pretty far in it a long time ago but I’ve never beaten it. Was there even bosses in that game?

I loved the first three Spyro games, the first was the first game I ever played and the first I ever completed but I agree, they have went downhill recently. Its quite sad actually.

I loved Gex the Gecko. His little one liners were hilarious pop culture references. Pretty difficult platformer too.

Ah Gex. Now you’re talking !

Gex was a great game. So funny. But spyro was terrible, The crash games were pretty good too

Year of the Dragon, I felt, was the high point.

Gex kicks ass. I played the first one as well as the crazy sequel. That series totally has potential to continue.