Man sued for sending too much mail

(No, unfortunately, it was not a spammer being caught and owned.)

Wolverhampton, UK - George Chryssides, who is a teacher at the Wolverhampton University, is being sued for sending too many letters. Strange? Senseless? The motive behind the lawsuit: postman Alan Pugh, 53, claims to have suffered from a pulled muscle for carrying too much weight. Pugh says the teacher put 270 letters in a post box in the city center.

Due to the pulled muscle, Pugh took a week off and lost the pay of that week: £286.96. Chryssides denied liability, saying that postmen are supposed to know how to deal properly with post boxes when they are full. He also says Pugh is just doing a thing that is already common in the US: the sueing lottery. He is straight right: this case is comparable, for example, to the one of the obese man who sued McDonald’s for his obesity. Chryssides also denies having posted 270 letters.

Royal Mail spokeswoman Jane Beese says there is no limit to the amount of letters people can send by mail, but when there is too much, they should be posted in the post office instead of post boxes. Also, postmen from the Royal Mail staff are now allowed to carry more than 16 kg (close to 32 lbs), including the bag where they take the letters.

The action is being funded by the Communication Workers’ Union. The legal part of it will take place in the Birmingham County Court, to where papers have been sent.

Quick side note: the letters had small bulletins in them and were addressed to members of the British Society for the Study of Religions.

Edit - source: BBC

-Ren, reporter wannabe, would have used email instead of paper.

Something needs to be done about the sueing frenzy. It must be stopped.

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People need to take responsibility for their fuck ups.

This is why you use email.

people now a days…

The postman should’ve been in better shape :ah-ha!:

Whiny, whiny americans. Also ignore the fact that the guy come from the UK.

You don’t sue your customers because you get worn by day out and day in at work, you sue your employer for bad working conditions.

Silly postman. Ours drive a car.

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people now a days…

Well, You can sue just about anyone for just about anything. People can be evil and use this right to their advantage.

Too bad it wasn’t a spammer. Curses spammers, since they are and/or will be scums of the earth.

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Whiny, whiny americans. Also ignore the fact that the guy come from the UK.

I fail to see how any of that makes the slightest bit of sense.

He’s a teacher. The postman knew the risks he was taking.:hahaha;