Man stops himself from going on killing spree

That’s just… great. XD

blinks That was… strange.

It’s really simple, he wanted to kill people who are nasty so that only nice people would remain. Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where everybodyis a nice person?

Cute dogs save lives? That’s the best piece of news this site’s had. Apart from some of the gaming news. Maybe.

So wouldn’t he have wanted to kill himself ('cause killing people isn’t generally a good thing :P)?

That’s really sweet. :slight_smile: Like…I dig that story a lot. I mean, here’s this guy who is so filled with anger and sadness and confusion and needs, needs to release it all so he decides to do that by killing lots of people he assumed didn’t have any humanity anyway…but then he meets somebody and her dogs, and it convinces him that they have humanity too, despite everything that he had observed otherwise…it’s really touching, you know? Pretty. I hope he can find a way to teach himself to be happy, without having to kill people, and I’m glad he realized that that sorta self-teaching, with the help of police and psychiatrists, was the only way to go.

I have never heard of something as strange as this.

cue Bittersweet Symphony in the background and end scene

Probably just another wacko looking for some media attention, like the folks that confess to being a famous serial murderer.

Apparently the guy wanted to gun down people because he wanted to get a lifelong sentence in jail. It was on the news this morning.

Well, that’s… a good thing.

He needs to get a pet.
Or a mental treatment. Either one.


I hate it when people talk big and then don’t follow through.

But yeah, let’s all give him a round of applause for showing the restraint we’re ALL supposed to have. I want to gun down every asshole in town, too. Doesn’t mean I do it. And doesn’t mean I expect a pat on the back for reigining myself in.

And while we’re at it, let’s give a big hand to every abusive husband who were about to beat their wives [again] today but didn’t. Way to go! Takes a lot of willpower. One day at a time, etc.

Hey, Michael jackson didn’t have a nose job OR fondle a little boy today. Let’s give him a medal! Way to go!

We should all applaud everybody in the world who doesn’t do bad things, all the time. :smiley:

oooh laa laaa, man, you know how often I dont kill people? pretty often. but am I in the news? noooo. fuckin canadians and their low standards.

That first paragraph cracked me up.

You know, we really can’t be sure of that. >>;

Wonder if the dog decided to poop right in front of him or piss on him would he get pissed again and then start the killing time?

"Helen Stanson of Guelph, Ont., said she believed her nephew was in Toronto seeking medical help for a heart condition.

A blood vessel in the heart was expanding rapidly and required surgery, she said. “He was a walking time bomb.” "
That might do it if it was painful and advil wasn’t doing shit, but you need the mental help too bud.

"After visiting the Toronto park, the man, who police described as mentally ill, drove around the city looking for a police officer.

“He asked the officer who he approached for (psychiatric) help, or he was going to do something serious,” Button said. "
He really wasn’t gonna do it. Damn idiot, had it all ready to control the population but nooooo.