Man Shot In Line For PS3

I wish I could be suprised. I really do. :noway:

Think about it: a line full of dead-cold people standing still in the middle of the night, and probably several of them holding at least 600 in cash. It’s a freaking all-you-can-eat for robbers.

what a surprise
retards robbed

You guys suck at covering launches.

Like 6 people total got shot, and there was a drive-by with BB guns. In addition to riots and people walking into stationary objects.

Speaking of which, after all the talk about pricing, what’s the final price for a PS3?

There hasn’t been much talk. We’ve pretty much known it’d go for $600 forever.

Y’know, the ticket thing’s pretty much the best damn thing you could do on a situation like that. Unless, of course, you were held up for the ticket itself…

I can almost see it on E-Bay…

“Ticket for purchasing a PS3… starting at 200 dollars…!”

Sounds like… Anarchy in the U.S.

Tough titties.

It’s actually cheaper than I’d heard: the 20 GB version is going for $550 Canadian, the 60 GB version for $650 (which doesn’t make much sense to me; since when was 40 GB of hard drive space worth $100?)

The premium version comes with a couple of other little additions (such as flash card readers and built in Wi-fi).

Did you all happen to see the suspect behind all the PS3 attacks?

Suddenly, it all makes sense.

At a Circuit City somewhere in Ohio the management and police officers at the PS3opening had everybody line up at the opposite end of the huge parking lot since they apparently didn’t want a line to degrade into chaos. So when the store opened, the manager yelled “CHARGE!”

Only thing is if I had actually been at that one I probably would have gotten a PS3, I’m pretty damn fast. >.>

And yet, something more “orderly” such as a normal line resulted in much more violence and bloodshed.