Male v Female

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#include <stdio.h>

int main ()
printf("The most violent are the ");
if (woman.status=="PMS")
if (man.status=="IMS")
return 0;

Physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing: crimes of violence.</i>

I think your question is a biased one. Yes, of course males are going to be more violent, because males, in general, express themselves in physical ways more often than women do. It’s why the male body (in most all mammals) is larger and contains more muscle tone in the upper half of the body than females. There shouldn’t really be anything surprising here. But like another person said, he thought when it came down to it, and the blood was boiling, women could be much more sadistic than men, even if it were in more subtle ways. Once again, nature balances itself out - while men might be more physically cruel, women have that subtle, insidious sixth sense for cruelty. What’s worse? Well, that’s a whole different question.

Testosterone blocks signals among some groups of neurons that are associated with inhibition of violence. Men produce 20 to 40 times more testosterone tham women (yeah, women have it too). The fact that boys are rised in a more “violence accepting/estimulating” way only makes it worse. Men and women may be violent, but it is way easir for a man to be so.

Think of horses. When they’re in their mating season males are extremely violent. Castrate one and you’ll see him become docile as a baby.


echo ("The most violent are the ");
if ($woman->status() == 'PMS' && $man->status() == 'IMS')
echo "transexual female wrestlers!";
else if ($woman->status() == 'PMS')
echo "females!";
echo "males!";


Alright, I should clarify something, since it was my comment that sparked this. I stated that in my experience, females are more aggressive, as distinct from violent. Sure, males are more likely to resort to violence once the conflict is entered to–sex-role stereotypes play a part in that, as does the fact that generally, men are larger and more physically apt than women, given similar diets and exercise regimen.

Aggression, however, refers to the tendency to enter into conflict in the first place, whether the conflict is violent or not. Women, in my empirical observation, are quicker to anger, slower to forgive, and totally merciless–and they never, ever forget.

Get in an argument with a guy, thrash it out, maybe get into a fistfight–and then it’s over. A woman never gives up a grudge. Win once, and a woman will bide her time until you’re not alert anymore, and then do whatever is possible to cause some form of harm…for example, if you’re busy with numerous things and trying very hard to concentrate, but she’s not, she’ll start arsing around to make you lose your concentration.

I have a former friend that I can’t talk to anymore…when everything was cool between us, I told her some of my innermost secrets. A little over a year ago, we had an argument. Today, if I interact with her in any way, she’ll use everything she knows about my past to hurt me emotionally. And the thing we had an argument over is a minor, minor matter. Not even worth a conflict over in the first place. Women, though, seem to live for conflict, to glory in it, and have no problem with taking great pleasure in the misery of others, as long as the other is perceived as an enemy.

I’m a lot more comfortable talking to other men. I find them more laid back, and even when tempers do flare, it’s quickly over and done with. Punch a man, he punches you back and two days later you’re laughing with him. Insult a woman, and she will grind you into the ground. Again, not a reference to violence. There are lots of ways to get at someone. Contributing to stress, property damage, petty theft, character assassination…even frivolous lawsuit.

EDIT: Zep said it better in fewer words. Blast you people for posting while I’m typing

this question is absurd. of course males are generally more violent. any kind of edge you could take off of your answer with “well males are socially conditioned to be violent” etc are beside the point.

Men are more inclined towards violence. That’s it. Women can be violent, but men are more likely to be violent.

If its that time of the month, I vote WOMAN! HAR HAR HAR!


I wish 1000 women would rape me uncontrollably.::doh::

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I wish 1000 women would rape me uncontrollably.::doh::

I think you’d run out of ammo before you got through all 1000.

We are more violent, but we have realised that mental violence doesn’t get out clothes dirty.

Seriously, I don’t think there’s much of a difference. Males have just got caught up in a violent stereotype.

I said men at first thought, but after reading the posts of Cybercompost and Sinistral, I must agree with them.