Making Swords - An activity you can now take part in.

“Mabatsekker’s SWORD FROM PLASTIC-course!”

(Excuse me for wrong term-use here. I’m not a native english speaker >_<)


  • Saw. That plastic is a bit too thick for your hands/scissors
  • Scissors. Jesus tape is too thick to be bitten through… without pain.
  • Parents/friends/excuses for both if you feel like a klutz in make-it-yourself chores.
  • Parents/friends/excuses to beat them up after you make the sword.


A) One hollow and durable plastic pipe. 1 to 1.5 meters long. (Main component)
B) - One much smaller pipe, from 30 to 40cm in lenght
C) Foam plastic, preferable one that fits JUST RIGHT around the main plastic pipe, to cushion the blows. (We’re to make this for dueling. Of course, to duel, you need two swords ;)) Have some extra to wrap around the pommel so it’ll be protected from impact better aswell. Use a smaller amount there, of course)
D) One roll of duct tape/jesustape/Mcgyver tape/#¤&%"#% PULL IT FAST SO IT WON’T HURT-tape


  1. Make a hole in the middle of component B, so that A) will fit thru, giving you a hilt to grap onto. Experiement with a comfortable hilt lenght and consider leaving a bastards lenght for hands (1.5 hands) so you’ll have an easier time if the sword proves too heavy in the end.
  2. Duct tape B to A.
  3. Wrap C to the blade sction of A. Give small wraps for component B if you want to guard your fingers.
  4. Duct tape the cross section of A & B once more.
  5. If you want a brod sword, cut a C into two 150 degree parts and ducttape them into both sides of the blade. Use only one if you want a “katana”
  6. Put some C into the bottom of the hilt to secure your grip. Ducttape it heavily.
  7. Ducttape the whole blade and pommel until you feel like it’s secure enough. If you made a hilt-bottom, make it as thick as the pommel.
  8. If you have black masking tape, cover the hilt with it comfortably, so you’ll have a gray blade, black hilt.


Okay, there’s a nice sword for you kids to duel with. I’ll post you a photo of one of mine.

An example of an end product. Hopefully usable after caving a few skulls in…

I prefer the “do your own lighsaber” stuff. It ends up less distant from the real thing than this >_<

Now, if you have a forge, I know how to make a real sword.

I merely thought this as an enjoyable afternoon task to do - in the end, you get to bash someone. Of course, you’ll have to watch out for his bashes.

…How about sharing this lightsaber-thingy?

That would be wicked looking if that was a real blade. Probably would be heavy too.

My bro has one of those…

FUCK they HURT. They’re foam, but shit, if you get hit hard enough with them…

I made a buster sword (Clouds weapon from FF7) out of a busted lightsaber, paper mache and spray paint. It was a great use of my time and it was fun using. Also surprisingly light.

Mabat: search on google for lightsaber making. The right lantern will do for the handle (just for appearance, you won’t use it to light the blade). The blade is made of an acrilic cilinder, preferentially semi-translucent.

Some hardcore fans, however, will get lightsabers that really do pop a light blade when turned on. It involves shaping a blaster gun as a lightsaber. The blade is a colorless translucent acrilic or glass cilinder filled with a gas. A battery in the handle heats the gas when you turn it on and the heated gas starts emitting light.

A neon sword? O_o

Actually, if you can snag a sheet of tin, you can make a pretty decent-looking metal sword by hammering it into shape with a mallet. Just don’t run with it when your finished. :enguard:

Got a picture of that Buster sword, Ness?

I’ve never tried that myself, but neato, Mabat.

They look alot like the ones my uncle makes.

Originally posted by StarStorm
[b]My bro has one of those…

FUCK they HURT. They’re foam, but shit, if you get hit hard enough with them… [/b]

Hehehehehehehehe! Seems to be something interesting to make, then… :slight_smile:
Who’d want to kill criminals when you can make them run to the police, asking to be arrested… evil grin

Mab : Been there done that, I’ve done shit like this since I was 13.

Let’s just say that people at various RPs ph33r my skill with the two-handed sword.