Making Music

So, uh … if one were to compose, like, original music, what do people think would be the way to publish it?

Wha? i dont get it, could you put it into smaller definitionds ofr me, i want to help,i just dont really get what you are saying.

I think he means like a program to make a midi. That’s a good question, I’ve been meaning to find a program where I can make my own music. You can do that in guitar pro, but I don’t think you can make a midi file.

Finale. Not sure of the site. Google it.

Reason is probably your best bet. Its a pretty damn good program, that allows you to export to both MIDI and Wav. It works best with a keyboard input, although I’m pretty sure you can just write in the notes by hand.

If you want to try a demo of Reason, you can check out their main page. I managed to “acquire” a full copy for myself, but I’m not at liberty to say how.

I’m not talking about what program to use, I’m talking about how to publish it in REAL LIFE.

I beleve this page is a start:

It is written for Uk listener/reader in mind. But you can find the apropiate parts in US law…

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Your first step should probably be to copyright your music, Yar. Then you’d need to present it to a publishing company, or multiple companies, and see if they’d publish it.

And Gila-Monster, if you wanna write music, I’d reccomend Noteworthy Composer. It’s very simple and very small; the only catch is that the interface requires you to know how to read music rather than tablature.

One should know how to properly read music sheets either way.Im sure companies would go further with a person who does so,therefore you have a better chance.You could be an awesome player in guitar or whatever but if you just know how to read tabs then for the moment your screwed.Ive been meaning to take classes for note reading myself.For programs I like ‘tabit’.But I dont recommend it though since everything IS in tab form.But I you do happen to get a break Yar,I wish you the best.

That factor is sort of circumstantial, Mitsuko.

If he was starting a rock band or something, then no, he wouldn’t actually have to know how to read music. A lot of bands really don’t; they just play by ear. It’s not impossible. Reading music really, really HELPS, but if you’re going into a rock star or pop star profession, it’s not imperative that you know how.

If you are publishing works to be played by others (Which I’m assuming Yar means), then yes, you have to know; there’s absolutely no other way to communicate what to play. People expect to read notes.

And ask yourself - is it worth publishing? Sure, you can copyright at any time you want, but is someone willing to <i>publish</i> it?