Making Music Videos...

I believe I posted a smiliar topic like six months ago, I’m not sure, so I can’t remember the responses I got.

Basically I just want to know if anyone here makes video game/anime music videos and such (I think Steve does…?) and what program they use. I have been into anime music videos as of late and have read background info on how some were created and there appears to be a few different programs/options on how to do this. Any suggestions?
And what is the best way to caption scenes?Are there any main websites that offer video clips solely for this purpose? I would love to know how this whole process works but I have no idea on how to start or who to ask. Sorry if this is an obvious question or whatever. I just need to be pointed in the right direction…:too bad;

Kagato Toujou (sp?) makes AMVs, you could try PMing him.

Thanks, I’ll do that in a few weeks as he just left for band camp:thud:

Another thing I would like to know: where would I find movie clips to do a music video if one had this software?

I’m not restricting it to anime, I’m talking about any type of movie.

You can usually download movies off kazaa or places (but since all the stuff happened with that I dunno - WinMX is a good bet, it doesn’t seem like the feds’ve gotten to that yet), and there are plenty of chatrooms wherever where you can get anime, at least - our own #rpgc for one, and thousands more I’m sure, in big chat networks like dalnet. I’m sure there’s also a way to burn the movies off of DVDs - you can check around for a file converter online, or what have you.

-Mazrim Taim