Make your own Engrish.

Engrish. Just set it to translate English to Japanese, then highlight the symbols hit Ctrl+C then paste it into the box and translate it back to English. If you see a bunch of boxes when it’s translated, copy/paste those into the translation box.

I’m not wearing pants = I have not attached the pants to the body.

One ring to rule them all = One ring which controls those entirely

Your basis everything belongs to us, it is.

Shall we make our peace?


Engrish. Exactly, that Japanese is translated from English it is put and collision Ctrl+C pastes that in the box, emphasize, translate that in English the sign. When being translated, if you look at the bundle of the box, in the copy/paste translation box those.

I pant in the body, = me the pants which are not attached are not attached to the body.

1 ring which controls one ring = those which control those entirely completely

[ ClessAlvein ] As for me with the mat where everyone has consisted of the bamboo toly 984’s SIG [ Kor (Sleep) ] liek hy8 of klez I of omg u! ! 11 [ ClessAlvein ] it should read the sleep of Kor being, it can give that computer power the wood [ ClessAlvein ] the hamster [ with ClessAlvein ], he who thinks of thing every morning the paddy field [ Kor (Sleep) with ] Klez works at 4 o’clock, it occurs: I am kidnapped in countr of seriuously developing country am sold and… as the slave, desire the fact that you obtain, perhaps [ ClessAlvein > I end at your house Kor:D

Hehehe! Fun… :hahaha;
Fear the uber-lame translation programs. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, at least now they have a purpose.

This thread is schadenfreude.

I think “human beings” should know linguistics’ is diverse and is open for interpretation.

Try to guess this:

There being this and being abused the fact that therefore it does not have our prohibition orders I that am surprised.

wow its been awhile since I’ve posted…anyways…

On the 1st, it ends the world because of the badness which hides in the center of the mankind.

Originally posted by Manus Dei
Hehehe! Fun… :hahaha;
Fear the uber-lame translation programs. :stuck_out_tongue: Well, at least now they have a purpose.

Draw up your yourself engrish!

And this thread has been done before, but its better to make a new one than to necropost (a different mentality than that of otehr forums)

hmm, I wonder how that is engrishified…

Well, it is made before directly this thread. But in order for I to understand that, improve (another mental state of the other forum, I observed in order to make new ones with necropost).

Wow, that was incomprehensible!

Hi, How are you? I’m doin’ Fine. Are you going to translate this to me? I hope you have fun. Bye! ==

Is today vigorous? I am good doin '. This is translated in me, it has gone? I when being pleasant, desire the fact that you pass. BYE!

Hi Guy’s It’s Gemini. Is this really Japanese? Well, I have two dollars, five pounds of candy, and ten thousand moles living in my back yard. ==

Today as for that of the person it is Gemini. Is this really Japanese? It is good, in me 2 dollars of candy, there are 5 pounds, and 10,000 mols which have lived with my back section yard.

One more:

Hey, Gemini? I’m Joey Heald from Blue Gender. I’m from this anime show bearing the same name in which I get killed by a giant insect. Well, Gemini and I wish you all y’all a Merry Christmas! ==

Just a little, Gemini? I am the heald of Joey from blue characteristic. As for me me there is from this anime show which it withstands the same name which can by the enormous insect being killed. It is good, Gemini and I Mary Christmas desire y’all everything!

Whoa! On that last one. The first one’s bad, too

Oh my God! They killed Kenny! You bastards! = The Ohio state my God! Those killed Kenny! Coarse item!

Bonus points to whoever gets this one:

I, everything lowers the flower garland, it hits!

I’m assuming that was “I, Garland, will knock you all down!”?

:cool: 2 points!!

Guess what game this one is from, and who said it for 5 points

When it does boldly, me it crushes me, attack

I have a penis. = There is a penis in me. WOOT!?

I am a gamer, How about you =I am gamer concerning you?:eek:

An informed question, yet difficult to answer. I am what you see(FF7)=An informed question, yet difficult to answer. I am what you see.

That’s cool.

It works better if you use Korean :ah-ha!: and this link has been posted before (it’s a link as it’s a bit much to post here), but…

here’s one I prepared earlier

Why have one stab at Engrish when you can have 23 in a row? :mwahaha:

Originally posted by DeathCheese
I have a penis. = There is a penis in me. WOOT!?
not unless you have one of those penis sheaths like dogs…

Could be worse, considering what happens to most dogs’ genitals… :thud: :thud: :thud: :runaway:

EDIT: This thread is now officially the dog’s bollocks :mwahaha: (sorry, couldn’t resist that :thud: )