Makai Kingdom question

Well I ended up getting this wonderful awsome game, and I have to say that I love it. Its diverse enough not to get old, yet simple enough where I don’t feel overwealmed handling and managing a slew of diffrent people. However, I feel I’m missing somthing very big.

Does anyone know when I can start the process of Transmigration? Somebody told me it started around the second chapter, I’m almost at the 5th and have yet seen anyway to do it, Save killing off my char by making a building with his mana than reincarnating him into another class… But thats reincarnation, not transmigration. I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

Please, if not for me, do it for Poor Magus :fungah: Locke :thud: and this random, unamed Moogle :moogle: All lost in wonderment and confusion on how to Transmigrate.

Only characters with stars (That is, born from items with one or more stars) can transmigrate. Transmigration kills the character by taking back one star and from there on it’s the exact same as with the Building + Resurrection process. The only difference is that Transmigration allows you to keep more Mana for the character, while Building allows you to keep the star.

You have to talk to Zeta, make a wish and then select a character with a star for Transmigration (He can’t be inside a structure or be equipped with anything for it to work). By the way, your Leader cannot Transmigrate, you need to switch to someone else first.

The advantage of Transmigrating over and over again with star items, is that you can boost a character’s base stats with more points. The higher the base points are, the more stats they gain per level.

Does this mean I should skip the middle class? By the Time I change anything at all All 3 class types are almost always unlocked. For instance Apprentice, fighter, gladiator. Should I just skip the middle man and move him up to gladiator before changing him into another completely unrelated class. Like a Priest. {Fighting and healing is fun! lol} Also, It sounds to me like the star thing is limited. Lets say I have somthign with two stars. Okay, I trans- him twice. Than If I wanted to make anything out of him again I would be forced to kill him off by making a building with him, than reincarnating him out of somthing with more stars. Is this correct?

Once you have a higher tier unlocked, there is absolutely no reason to choose a lower one. Just make sure you aren’t about to unlock the fourth tier, in which case you might as well wait just a little bit more to reincarnate.

Yes, that’s about it with the start thingie, but finding trees and rocks with two or more stars is really easy so you’ll soon have way more stars piled up than you’ll ever use for resurrection. And it’s common sense that if you create a character with a star-holding item, you should reincarnate him/her into an item of equal or higher status.