Makai Kingdom. Leveling spots.

I can’t believe I’m doing this again. And I still have Phantom Brave and La Pucelle to plow through. Ugh.

Anyhow… what are some good leveling spots in this game?

One of the best things you can do is get academies like 2 of them and at least a level 100 or above character,what you do is have that character make the special room in the sacred tome which has 9 guardians in a 3X3 area then just hack away with your best attacks.

Or you can make random dungeons unlike the other games this time the random dungeons make you level up faster since the bonus EXP you get is very nice,the deeper and higher lvl dungeon the better,just use a diver to get to the EXP faster.

Two words SE: Failure Dungeons

See if you find an item in a dungeon with the “Failure” title, make sure you get it with a bottlemail. When you put this titile on a dungeon, all the enemies will have their stats decreased by 80%. Put this on a high level dungeon and you can kill enemies many levels higher than you and gets tons of EXP really fast.

I’ve never seen any “Failure” items, is there any specific trick for getting them?

Right now I’m doing the Reincarnation Path (The succession of Class Changing + Leveling up to 100 that gives you all the stat bonuses) in 9-9 after which I’ll probably damn myself to another purgatory in the [STRIKE]CoO3[/STRIKE] Food Dungeon. At least now you can make them of any level >.<

Speaking of which, what’s a good place for getting star items for confining? I usually go to 4-1 and pick up the Pine Trees (At least one usually has a star).

Whoops, I haven’t gotten much sleep lately. Failure items and dungeons are for Phantom Brave, not Makai Kingdom.

The best way to power level in Makai Kingdom is to get at lease a dozen “four star” or “crown” items and use them for transmigration. Keep doing this until you max out the bonus points for at least one stat you want (STR or INT specifically). I usually transmigrate on even levels (50, 100, 200, etc.) Then you can rush through bonus dungeons by killing most things in one hit, getting at least one level a kill. Use some divers to get deep into a dungeon where you get hundreds of thousands of experience in the bonus guage. You actually get more experience this way than by killing monsters.

I mainly only bothered levelling up one generic character to get Zetta’s clone, and maybe a healer. Zetta is really the only character you need to level up like crazy. He best uses a sword and his stats increase better than anyone else upon level up. Oh, and keep five Bravehearting characters around for bosses.

About simply waiting for Zetta, I’m going to tell you more or less the same thing I told Steve when he suggested I use the Surt-duping trick against Disgaea’s Baal: I’ve been using this band of fuckers for an inordinate amount of hours, I’m going to finish the damn game with them.

Besides, my two main attackers are already on the third step of the path and my main two spellcasters are about to finish Carrot. The thing that took me the longest was unlocking the 5th Tiers for the needed classes, after this all I’ll have to do is train my Healer and decide what to do with the other three (An Archer specialising in rifles, a Cook swordsman and a Merchant with a spear).

I swear, Laharl’s entrance better be as good at Etna’s.

That’s cool, but whichever character’s you choose to level up, use the method mentioned above.

FYI, merchants are pretty useless for attackers, if anything give hera bazooka as their TEC is higher than her STR and they have the best weapon proficiency in it. If you plan to use generic characters, try to use the therir mathching weapon proficiencies as well as generally stronger ones like Berserkers, Swordmasters, Archers, and Mages. That way, they’ll gain skills faster, and those skills will do more damage when they level up. I’ve found one uber character more effective that a bunch of mediocre ones. Especially if you Braveheart or Magic Boost them five times to double their STR or INT.

You’ve already done the most important thing of having your important characters start out as Carrot Dudes, but make sure you get the highest rank ones for the best EXP enhancement. Then have them level up as the best Vampire (for ATK +8 and INT +8) or Whip Master (TEC+8) and then Theif (for MOV +20). You can do other classes for other benefits, but these are the most important.

As for the Baal battle in Makai Kingdom:

While their is no throwing trick in Makai Kingdom, the same rule applies: Braveheart/Magic Boost the uber character, attack, then put out “decoys” for him to toast. I’ll not say what, but he’s got a nasty toy this time around and you win it after beating him.

The Reincarnation Path I was talking about is:

Carrot (EXP/Mana)
-> Muscle Demon (HP/DEF)
-> Spectre (ATK/INT)
-> Thief (Move/Jump)
-> Priest (RES/SP)
-> Merchant (Money)
-> Commander (TK.EXP/TEC)
-> Whatever I want.

Obviously I’m talking about the 5th or 6th types for each class, and some of these can be skipped depending on the character I want to create.

Right, I acutally made my ultimate character (named Xero) a Berserker in the end for the best ATK increase at level up. He actually went through all the classes and got all the bonuses. I know you don’t want to hear it but in the end he was still not as powerful as Zetta, but do what you gotta do. Just make sure that whatever character you choose to transmigrate that you do it to star items so they get bonus points. You can put 255 bonus points into each stat. They higher the character’s initial stats, the more stats they get at level up.

Here’s a little trick to getting very rare items:

1:save before you try this.
2:get at least 3 divers
3:go to one of the random dungeons and get to the 10 floor
4:these are the floors with the highest chance of rare items so if there’s nothing you like use a diver
5:if you don’t find anything just reset and try again.