Sometimes the truth hurts.

It really is more fun that way.

So veeeeeery very true.

One letter to close or simillar to mine and I’m blasting ye to kingdom come, got it? /pif

Well i just hope that nobody is stupid enough to try to copy my name.

You recall correctly.

The larger the board gets, of course the more similar names you’ll start seeing (Besides, it’s not like Evangelion is exactly ORIGINAL :P).

I don’t think anyones is like mine but i might be wrong.

it’s only popular services Like Ebay & Hotmail have my name and it’s not me. I uses other Names there Like One of my Sprites WindyTWIT. Check the Staff Quotes Merlin (or in the Chat Merlyn or Merlini) for a nick steal.

Big Nutter

Izlude1984 > Izlude

Izlude was the name that I came into this place wanting to use, but the “Izlude” that had it before me has NOT posted in eons…

I am not Izlude, I am Izlude1984. Lets change that, Mods… Transform me please!

To what? Super Izlude? Izlude 2001? Izlude XP?

Jeeze. My modem’s out of commission for two weeks and when I come back, there’s a clone war.

Hey, I remember the old Izlude. He was cool. You ain’t > Izlude. =P

This is why I like my name. Whenever I sign up for a game or something else, OmegaflareX is almost never taken. 8P

EDIT: Seconded, Booken.

I’m always surprised by the fact that I’m the only Valkyrie that frequents here. You’d figure that it’s a popular concept, and some would use it in their monniker. But the only other Valkyrie i remember ever being here is Phoenix Valkyrie. And I haven;t seen her in awhile.

Yeah, I was about to mention PhoVal. I miss her. :frowning:

Amen to that. For a second I thought this Rommiel was a shitty rename of the Desert Fox. And the Panzerfaust/Panzerschreck was better than the Bazooka…just like how the MP40 was better than the Thompson.

thats exactly what i mean. :noway: tsk tsk to all the warnuts that hate me.

edit- except for the 2 that frequent this board of course.

I’m glad my name is unique, do any of you see a lot of Kiros around?

No-one, and I mean no-one, in their right minds would choose either of the ones I use, ever. Probably 'cause one of them sucks and one of them isn’t a word that’s ever used.

I miss Innocence.

Anyway, Cala’s almost never been taken, and I’ve never seen another nick come close. As for Phoerret, I’ve never seen another.

I know there was a staff member named Bahamut and I was afraid when I picked my name we’d get confused. Fortunately on that note, he has left the site. However, this is one of the reasons I’d rather be referred to as “Xero” or “BX” rather than “Bahamut”.