What’s with all the clones here? First there was that girl who came here for a while named Evanjeline (Evangelion), and then there was Starstorm and Spazcat, and now there’s Rommiel! I’m so gonna confuse him with Herr Rommel!


Not to mention Izlude and Izlude 1984

Izlude still comes?

Guys, shut up and make my burgers.

No, but she/he did when I first arrived. And no burgers for you 'til you reattach you’re head, ya big headless freaky freaky freak! Freak!

Don’t worry peoples, but if you want I can blast your brain till it stops with my Bazooka.

Good thing there’s no more Megaman984 and MegamanX2K. Man, I hated that jerk Megaman984.

Panzerfausts are better.

Hades, the anime forums I’m on I see Inu this and Inu that so Rommiel and Herr Rommel are a cakewalk to keep different. :toast:

Are not! Mostly mine though since it has a pic of me and a Kitty on it! :slight_smile:

sorry bout that guys. i got Rommiel from an mmorpg. my avatar is a pic of him. i just wish people would stop confusing him with a great tactician that died years ago.

Rommel wasn’t just a great tactician. He was a god.


A nazi general in Afica. Him and his rival were two of the greatest ever.

I wouldn’t worry about their names, the quality of their posts make most people here seem to run together anyway.

And I thought I was pms-in’ bad this week…

Evanjeline was urk’s GF if i recall correctly.

And whatever happened to spazcat? She seemed like she was going to become a regular.

I simply have no idea what all this talk about clones is.

Actually Izlude1984’s alt is Izlude but he decided to abandon him in favor of the profile he has now.

That’s harsh.

Harsh, or true?