Magus! *.*


I remembered I never beat Chrono Trigger the other day. It was simple to take out Lavos, and then I went through a NewGame+ to see all the endings [but missed the scrapbook one >.o!]. Anyways, I have decided Magus owns all, and thus I drew him ^^

Where the fuck is his shirt?! sees all the ladies flock to Magus

I’m drooling at two things:

  1. I wish I had that kind of talent when it came to drawing.
  2. I think I just became one of Magus’s fangirls

When I click on it, I just get sent to a “WHITE PAGES SEARCH AND DIRECTORY” Page thingy.

Very nice, the background really sets the mood :o

Very kewl pic, nice scythe…

MegamanX2K: Look at his sprite, I swear he’s not wearing one ^^

Sapphire: I only became a fangirl last week during the replay. <3s!

VE: I honestly have no clue what’s going on with that. Never happened for me… o.o

Weilla: I’m going to steal the dragonkeep… it’s just so evil looking. Wonder who it is with the cape on top though… ^^

Hayes: It’s actually from a couple years back, and appeared in a doodle of Gundam Wing’s Duo, hah. I didn’t like the energy schythe, so got creative with my own ^^

Methinks next CT char I’ll be doing is Flea… he amuses me to no extent. “…I’m a GUY!” XD

Could you, by any chance, e-mail the pic to me?


Eh, Valk, addy? There’s just the mailto thing here, and I can’t find it anywhere… if you don’t feel like posting it, you can email me first at :open_mouth:

Okay, saw it and I have only one question: Why’s he holding his scythe like that?

Dylan [my evil minion with me IRL]: Because he wants to?

Ehehe. Actually, I was trying to get a “I’m about to swipe your guts out” pose… but afterwards I realized that’s wrong and the arm positions should be reversed if he’s holding it facing that way. sweatdrop I really should have been paying attention earlier on… but I’m lazy. ^^;

Heh, that happens to me all the time, Shads. I feel your pain…

Wow, really nice pic…
And that reminds me that I’ve gotta play CT again (5th or 6th time I think :))…

(But first I’ve gotta play more Skies of Arcadia Legends…
They’ve got a girl there that could easilly match Magus in coolness :smiley:
(She uses a scyte, casts nasty spells, doesn’t talk much, has a vendetta against someone ever since she was a kid a.s.o.
Sounds familiar? :p))

Oh, and I really loooooove the background. :slight_smile:

Skies of Arcadia Legends, eh? I’m now on the lookout for it :smiley:

If you haven’t got a GameCube you might have some trouble playing it, so I suggest making sure that you have one before you get SoAL :stuck_out_tongue:

And if you start playing SoAL you won’t have as much time creating cool pics like that one…
NOOOOOOooooo… Why did I even open my mouth? :stuck_out_tongue: