Magic Of Scheherazade

going off on a limb here by continuing off of the obscure rpg thread…read through it , posted in it…only now this classic which never got notice comes to mind…the game is Magic of Scheherazade(pronounced she-her-uh-zad), a game released for the NES by an unknown company called Culture Brain. To this day i never completed it(i first played it in 91 and i got halfway through before my NES took a huge metaphorical shit)…but it truly is a classic. You play a hero named Isfa(though you can change his name) who at the start of the game he can either be a fighter, saint or magician(that can also be changed during gameplay a la more recent games like ff tactics ) your mission is to save Princess Scheherazade from the evil Sabaron while hacking through monsters and bandits and such in Arabia with both an action rpg interface and a random turn based battle mode, there is also a multitude of characters in this game as well…plus time travel(Chrono Trigger, anyone…even though this game was released before CT, but CT is still the greatest). when i complete it , maybe i’ll do a shrine here for this particular game. Another thing about this game is the password save(both a pro and a con) but it’s an otherwise flawless game. if you own a NES(or an emulator), get this game. i guarantee it will not disappoint. Nuff said for now

I’m actually planning to shrine it. It’s a neat little game that me and my friend used to play years back, and it’s from Culture Brain; the geniuses behind the Super Chinese (or Ninja Boy) series!

By the way Dizzy, have you played a Ninja Boy game? Scheherazade is in Super Ninja Boy as a cameo appearance, and so is Rick/Ryuhi from Flying Warriors (or Hiryu no Ken).

i’ve heard of it, but never gotten the chance to play it…i’ll have to check it out and that’s cool that you are planning a shrine…now i don’t have to shrine it:P and to answer the ps, probably cuz everyone is an FF7 fanboy

You’re right about 1 thing. It sure is obscure.

Magic of Scheherazade is a fantastic game, to say the least.

That convoluted paragraph Big_Dizzy wrote does not do the game justice.

Will you write one that does do it justice? For us all to know and love what you have deemed awesome?

It is indeed a good game. I got stuck on a certain boss, though - I think it was a fire boss, or something. I remember not being able to damage it.

Let me tell you, the grim reaper in this game is a scary experience.

PS: Why is everyone using FF7 Shinra Staff avatars?

Because it’s the hip new thing to do :smiley:

'cause FF7 is highly overrated too.