Macc Maverick

I’d like to take a moment and think about Macc Maverick. He’s been gone for so long. I wonder why he turned his back on us. Most of you now days probably dont even know who I’m talking about, cuz yer all noobs. But those of you that DO remember him, know that he was the most funniest, and handsome and cute, and all around great guy.

And if anyone wants to share some good Macc stories. Please do so.

Ah, Macc. The wit. The wit.

I remember how he helped me translate some Ancient Greek at one point, too.


I’m going to go buy a lemon pie to remember him.

I liked the way he posted those texted images. And he fucking ror00xed when he said something.

One time he called me the weakest link for my mailbag entry

I’m a Pale Imitation of Mr Macc Maverick! Plus, He’s the only Non-Sprite comic’er that ever been on Bob and George.

Big Nutter
Time to tease the Octopus? This Button?
:ulty: What? No!!

Macc Maverick was the only Staffer (well, besides Jim) to welcome me to the Staff when I first joined. :frowning:

But it’s cool, cuz it’s Macc!

Good ol’ Maccaroni. Been a while.

The rest of us were busy with stuff then… >_>

Well, yes, yes. And I was only a Mailbag replier at the time… But it’s cool. >.>

I wear my lemon scented cologne every day in rememberance of him.

That’d explain your single status.

Maybe he now has GASP a LIFE now? :hahaha;

Kidding aside, Macc is certainly missed. I hope he’s OK. When did he post last? Last Xmas?

I miss Macc dearly, as he was the one who inspired my sprite comic that few of you hate so much. :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, I remember the days at Mysidia where Macc, Celes, Lunaris, Merlin, and other posted there. Yes, I was at Mysidia before joining the staff here. It was Macc’s site that cause me to come to RPGC, because Rast posted a link to it another site because he was in the episode.

To make a long story short…I miss the guy.

I was only joking TD… :thud:

Seriously though, Macc is the one who got me into reading the mailbag. He and Kagon always mutilated my responses in some way when I pointed out some of their mistakes, but it was all in good fun. That reminds me, what’s the bolaphobiaist been up to lately?

I’ve never heard such unbridled arrogance. You are NOTHING like Macc Maverick.

The bait has been placed, now wait!

<img src=“”> Hmmm, something smells good around here. Eh, what’s this all about then? reads Ohhh. Oh I see. Yeah, I know the feeling, guys. I miss Macc too. It’s odd, though. For some reason it feels like it’s like he was here just yesterday. I guess it’s true what they say, huh? Some people just seem to leave a lingering effect like that. That’s pretty awesome.


This day is getting better and better, I find out about the mosnter movie festival and now MACC has posted in MY thread!

Wow, that lemon thing DOES work!! :eek:

Great to see you again, Macc. How ya doing?