Mac question

I need a MS Paint equivalent for free. I don’t want it to blow me like photoshop. I want a small simple little program. ?

Whoever made that site is a fucking idiot. What do I download?

I think. Jesus christ I hate most of this Open Source bullshit.

Thanks man, I couldn’t agree more.

Thanks man, I couldn’t agree more. “Hi , I’m open source, I support the little guy against the big bad multinational corporation! Oops, we’re not made to be simple and make sense, we keep things complex or frustrating enough to discourage the expansion of our product our of our little clique! Have a nice day!”

The program doesn’t work <_<.

Other ideas?

Of course it doesn’t, it needs X11. You’ll find the install instructions in this how to. Or you could download and use Seashore instead, it’s a port of the Gimp to Cocoa, which is what MacOSX use.

That’s because it’s open source, and sadly, no one who writes open source or the webpages care about how or how well it works as long as it works for them. It’s a part of the curse. It’s also partly because no one who uses open source alternatives actually visit or download anything from that page to install the Gimp. We’ll use the inbuilt package managers in whatever it is we use.

Thank you Nulani :smiley:

You’re welcome.