Lunatic pandora(MobileType 8 boss help)

I just want to know what strategy should I use against this boss.

I’m talking about FF8 Btw

Um… Limit Break the crap out of it?

First of all, MUG MOBILE TYPE 8. He carries the rare Laser Cannon.

Now, the attack. Don’t bother fighting the Left and Right Shoulder Cannons; they take little damage and yield nothing special. Instead, cast Meltdown on the center, then either use Duel on it or simply attack. DO NOT hit the cannons; they retaliate, I believe.

Ok thanks and I’ll do that now.

By the way, if you haven’t already…

Equip Encounter None, then head to the top-right island (I think) on the World Map. This is the Island Closest to Heaven. Run around the perimeter of the island pressing X, and you will run into a massive amount of Draw Points containing top-level spells such as Meteor, Ultima, Tornado, Flare, Holy, Triple, etc. And they regenerate quickly; head to the Island Closest to Hell, which is the top-left (I think) island on the World Map, and you’ll find more!

I do have that abilites and I go do that as well. Do I need the move-find abilites?

Nope, that’s just for finding hidden Draw and Save Points on screens other than the World Map. There aren’t even all that many of those.

Ok thanks and thats all I need for now.

yeah yeah sure the old MAM-Combo (Melton-Aura-Multi)

Yes, it works on pretty much anything. Though some may argue that Doomtrain is better than Meltdown.

i barely used Doomtrain, the only reason i got him was to complete my GF and ability List, cause Nothin Crushes more than a full powered EDEN! (Except for Squall)