Lunar Legend Tsukihime.

Or Tsuki Hime, Tsuki-Hime or whatever you want to spell it. I’ve been seeing this for a while (Ok, just the first three chapters) and there’s “something” that just makes me like it. The whole atmosphere of it is interesting, I can’t really put it into words. And the scene where Shiki cuts up the blonde girl (Who’s name I can’t spell) is pretty awesome.

Anyway, I’ve heard it was based on a PC Game, but there’s only the name on Gamefaqs so I’m interested in knowing a bit more of what’s it about and if it is closely related to the game (Seeing as some anime versions of VGs are low-quality in comparison). Athough… the fact that it’s a PC Game, and that there are a number of girls interested in the guy, including twins and his sister brings a sense great catastrophe down my spine: It’s not a dating sim is it? Because there are no dating sims with non-horrible plots. Except for Divi-Dead, but that one was not good, just fucked up.

I wonder if this should go on the VG forum instead…

It’s a hentai game with a really cool story, apperantly.

There’s also a fighting game, Melty Blood.

Arcueid, damnit.

The original ‘game’ was just an interactive PC slideshow kind of thing if I remember correctly, kinda like that Silent Hill visual book thingy on GBA.

I agree that the series is awesome though. The final eps where Shiki actually gets some and beats the hell out of the other Shiki was awesome.

Also Melty Blood is the best fighting game ever after GGXX#. Play it.

It’s the spanish dub, so it sounded more like ToD’s “Atwight”.

Thanks for the info.

I played lunar legend for game boy advance which was a waste of time, because all of the features were taken out. NOw i have to play it for playstation.

Final Fantasy 2 was moronic because it’s not the real Final Fantasy 4. I can’t beleive they censored Cecil kissing Rydia in easytype. And that’s the Japanese version!

God, you didn’t even bother to read the thread, nor consider that it’s in the ANIME section of the board.

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Crotanks? Sounds like a DBZ character


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Was? He’s not been here that long.